Finger sore from enter/shift key?

I have a mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX blue) and I do quite a bit of programming, so I press ENTER and SHIFT a ton. My right pinky finger is becoming increasingly sore, but none of the rest of my fingers hurt at all. I have determined it to be due to ENTER/SHIFT because that's what I have to stretch my finger most for.

I think it may be partly due to my using a mechanical keyboard, but I'm not sure. I've heard from some that mechanical keyboards are worse on your hands, and others say they're easier than chiclet ones.

Anybody have similar problems with a good solution? I thought about remapping the enter key, but I can't really think of anywhere to remap it that won't just move another important key to ENTER/SHIFT's place. I really like this keyboard, but if it's actually making my fingers hurt I suppose I could switch back to my crappy rubber dome one.


Not my right pinky but ive had isses with my right first finger ( the mouse clicker). I realised that taking regular breaks is important in maintaining good health. If it hurts take a break, if it continues to hurt see a doctor.

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Yeah, I started taking breaks and on my Linux install I set up WorkRave which forces you to take breaks. (I tend to lose track of time when programming)

Have you used DVORAK? I use QWERTY but I'm considering switching to software DVORAK if that's really as helpful as it supposedly is.

^ that

And also if you are new to mechanical keyboards take some time to get used to it. Compared to rubber domes, they typically have a lighter actuation force, so you may be bottoming out the keys more with less forgiving material in the keyboard to suck up the excess energy. Try to adjust/change your typing.

That's kind of what I was wondering. I did some typing on my rubber dome keyboard and then the mechanical one, and the dome one has a lot more "cushion" when bottoming out the keys, something I assume would help with finger pain. I'll try "lighter" typing.

I use qwerty too, i used to have a nice 10keyless with reds but i went back to membranes as i couldnt get used to it. it was such a waste of money. if your having some problems with bottoming (no pun intended) you can get some O rings.

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i do a fair bit of programming myself and i dont think i have ever had this issue. granted maybe you do more programming than i do. my thing i never use the right shift, honestly i dont. i prefer the left shift over the right one. and enter for me is not that big a stretch as i move my hand over to hit it more vertically as opposed from the side. everyone has a style to how they type, its important to develop yours so that you are comfortable

wear gloves? replace your shift and enter key with marshmallows. replace as needed.

This sounds like exactly what I need. I can't believe I own a mechanical keyboard and forgot these existed...thank you lol

No problem man.

Proper typing technique uses Left Shift when you're striking a key on the right side of the keyboard, and Right Shift when striking a key on the left side of the keyboard. Same with Ctrl, Alt, and any other key you have two of.

i understand that. and i do practice proper technique when needed. however with programming i find the brackets are used quite often therefore i use the left shift the most. and as i said when i need to hit enter or even backspace rather than stretch my pinky over to those keys i simply move my whole hand. in fact upon typing this i have noticed that i hit backspace not with my pinky but rather with my ring finger.

Yeah, I do that kind of thing too with keys I'm supposed to stretch my pinky to hit. It's not correct, but I don't care, it gets the job done, and hell, maybe if even breaks up the repetition enough to prevent RSI.

By the way, @K4KFH, I second and would take @flakey's advice. RSI is a pain in the ass...and hopefully, that's all it is.