Finding the right laptop power adapter

I’ve got an HP 650 notebook (c1n14ea#apu) without a power supply, so I have no idea if it works.
Looking for the right adapter specs, I’ve found it’s either 90W or 65W.
Do I need an exact match as I’ve read amps are important to match too. The only info I have on that is 18.5Vdc - 3.5A and 19.5Vdc - 3.33A.
The battery is MU06 too if that helps at all.
There’s a few posted on a local site that I could try, but want to make sure I don’t burn it out by using the wrong type.

You only need to match the output voltage of the power adapter, the barrel jack size + type of the adapter, and the the polarity of it (center positive or center negative). That’s it. Current does not matter. If you use a power adapter which cannot deliver the rated current, your laptop will charge slower, or may even discharge the battery while in use.

Edit: BTW, the model of battery does not matter generally. The charging circuitry of the laptop (bucking the voltage down) is built into the laptop motherboard 99% of the time, and not the battery itself. 99% of the time, the battery pack will only contain the battery cells, and the battery charging/discharging circuitry.

Voltage is the sensitive factor, but any in the range of 18.5 to 19.5 would be fine. On them amps side it’s only necessary to not go too low, as otherwise the adapter will struggle to charge the battery or even boot up the system. More amps would only mean more overhead capacity, and a bulkier charger.

HP have used three different commonly available charging connectors that look fairly different so it should be relatively easy to find a visual match.

These were two that were being sold, was thinking of just asking wether I could use one to test the laptop with one as the barrels are the larger 7.4mm.

If the barrels are the same, polarity, and voltage, you’re good to go!

Generally, if you use a Dell adapter in an HP laptop, it will give some sort of “unsafe” warning (honestly not sure how it detects it), but aside from that, yes, you can use that Dell adapter to test if the laptop works.

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Please don’t recommend people to buy “replacement” notebook power adapters. Those are very well known for frying laptops due to their dirty power.

If you need to buy a replacement power adapter, buy used/new from the OEM, or a VERY well known company (Anker, Aukey, etc). Never risk your precious electronics with cheap and VERY badly made power adapters.

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