Finding it hard to play an evil character in Skyrim

So, I've logged 47 hours on my female Nord vampire character. The only thing I really regret not doing is doing the Thief's Guild questline, THEN going for the Dark Brotherhood, then progressing to become a Vampire Lord with the Volkihar vampires. I have yet to do the Thieves Guild quest. It seems like it's a bit overdue, though... I'm a vampire lord and it seems a little cheesy to become a thief at this point. HOWEVER, I DO know that Nocturnal can only be talked to by being in the Thief's Guild. I hate how Bethesda forces you to do that to talk to one Daedric prince. BS.

But Thief's Guild aside. I overall find it difficult to play an evil character in Skyrim. I think Bethesda really shit the bed in terms of neutrality in choices. I feel that Skyrim really has an air about it that ultimately says it's definitive to play a Nord (Dragonborn really doesn't make much sense for any other race) and to be the good guy. Oblivion takes the cake, hands down in terms of who you can be and especially when it comes to all the macabre, dark stuff. You can be an evil motherphuquer in Oblivion.. in Skyrim? I don't see it.

Am I missing something? Could someone point me in the right direction? What the hell else can I do? I even did everything in the Soul Cairn. I loved that place, even though it was pretty redundant and grimy/boring. My character looks super bad ass in full Ebony armor. But... all I can do at this point, it seems, is ride around with my equally evil looking horse - Shadowmere - and ... yeah. I have no idea.

modding is what you do next. be sure to back up your save.


Modding? I want to know if there's any actual gameplay I've been missing that suits an evil character. What good is modding in a new set of evil-looking armor going to do me? Or anything else for that matter? I want actual gameplay.

And while I'm completely thrown off by the idea of modding in something like Falskaar, it does sound decent, even though it's not made by Bethesda and by some random dude. Still, though, that seems like it doesn't add a whole lot of content for an evil character. Seems suitable mostly for the good guy.

Killable children no essential NPCs, Heartbreaker/kill move mods, there are plenty of well voiced morally questionable followers. There quite a few morally grey mod quest that are better than DLC.

There should have been an option in the civil war where you can screw over both sides though.

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You can get a few mods that make playing a vampire more 'evil'.

I use these ones personally:
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim
Better Vampires 7.8

Using them together is not 'supported', but I've had no major problems
You could alternatively use this one.
Vampiric Thirst

Brodual recently did a review on Sacrosanct


If your looking for quest mods:

Sneak Tools makes being stealthy a bit more fun, but its not necessarily evil.

This mod makes necromancy more 'dark' Vile Art of Necromancy
Corpse Preparation - True Necromancy is similar

Slavery mods exist, but you'll have to look for yourself.

If you want the world to feel more gritty you can get The Honored Dead

Enhanced Landscapes is nice if you can run it.

Deadly Mutilation might be worth getting, but last time I used it it had some issues.
Enhanced Blood Textures goes good along side it.
Frozen Electrocuted Combustion allows you to turn everyone into a charred skeleton.

If you dig around on the nexus I'm sure you could find more.

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A bit off topic, but Fallout 4 is even worse if you try to play an evil character, because the story doesn't allow you to be very evil.
But yeah, modding is where you turn to next.


i havent tried it myself.....yet. however i hear this is a god one and their are evil choices if you want.

Yeah, I've heard that, too. I appreciate your input, actually.

And I appreciate everyone else's here. But I think I wasn't clear enough. I'm just trying to figure out if there's anything I'm missing. I mean, even if Undeath is decent, it's still just a few quests. And how suitable is it for my character, anyway? I can't turn into a Lich and be a vampire lord at the same time.

Is there anything left to do after Dawnguard? I've done Boethia's and Mephala's quests? Only haven't spoken to Nocturnal (fucking Thieve's Guild, man!) and Namira.

In Oblivion, I could join the Dark Brotherhood, and do that awesome questline. Then I have that plugin that gives you an evil lair. Plus the Mehrune's Razor plugin. If only there were more DLCs relating to Oblivion :(

I really think I've reached an impasse, here. I kind of had a feeling. Unless, again, I'm missing something? Those little mods don't actually add any gameplay for me. They just small features. Damn, this game is really starting to feel like it's stagnant for evil characters.

@behindthetimesgamer Speaking of which - on a random note - any word on when a Complete Edition of Fallout 4 will come out? Hasn't it been a year since it released?

Not sure, I kinda gave up on Fallout 4. I was rather unimpressed with the vanilla game. Maybe I'll go back to it when I find a list of good mods to improve the graphics and other mechanics.

As far as evil questlines go in vanilla Skyrim, you're not missing anything else as far as the thieves guild and dark brotherhood are concerned. I've sunk well over 3000 hours in vanilla Skyrim, there's not much else there for me in that particular area.

On another note, if you get bored with Skyrim and are looking for mods that add actual challenge and a better storyline, check out a mod by the name of Enderal. It's mostly linear as far as the main storyline goes, but it's a fantastic overhaul mod to the entire game. Highly recommend it.

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Oh, I wasn't asking if there were any other features to the DB or Thieve's Guild. I was just wondering if I was missing anything else that evil characters can do.

Right now, I'm just a vampire lord, but don't really play the part. For me, the entire main quest line is off-limits. Too lovey guvey.

Oh, I meant other questlines other than DB and TG. There's not really anything else evil you can do.
The only thing I could think of is to download a kill-able NPC mod and go on a killing spree.

I usually react in games how I would react in real life. Basically trying to be nice and make good first impression... So I have issues playing a bad character as well. I literally feel bad playing bad character. Anyway, I have not played the thieves guild as well, and I have a few hundred hours in game. Also I never play vampire because the dawnguard have freaking huskies...

[email protected] all else. It's a freaking husky in leather armor...

Well Dragonborn is more about killing a rival than saving the world. There more "choose your side" quest in that DLC.

It overall feels more like Shivering Isles if that is what you are looking for.

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I just felt like resurrecting this to say - Even modding is ridiculously better/biased towards positive characters. :joy:

Someone suggested modding to help better the evil Skyrim experience. And I don’t think anything comes close to Beyond Skyrim: Bruma.

Can’t you just… Genocide the entire map?

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Since someone already necroed this, I’ll jump on board to give my 2c.

First of all, yeah, the Skyrim experience really depends on what order you do things, which is pretty dumb. There is a very set path of which questlines you should do in what order in order for the story and gameplay to feel the most natural and most authentic. This is just an inherent flaw in Skyrim’s design that cannot be fixed. To fix this would be to change the entire game and the end result would probably be worse than the open world that Skyrim offers you.

I completely disagree that Oblivion takes the cake on being neutral. Everything about Oblivion screams happy-go-lucky, from the overly bubbly and friendly way that almost everyone behaves, to the fact that there’s NO tension between people in Cyrodil (when realistically the lore points to the capital region of Tamriel being tense with race and religious strife out the wazzu), to the bloom-shafted graphics and derpy game design. Oblivion was a game that immediately set the stage for me to be the good hero. When I play Oblivion, the only crime I’m ever interested in is theft.

If you want an Elder Scrolls game that actually gives you the choice of how you want to approach roleplaying, Morrowind is what you’re looking for. Most big quests have at least two ways they can play out and you always have the option of just being a total dick and killing whoever is in your way. For example, in the Tribunal expansion…

you get attacked by The Dark Brotherhood and later find out that they were hired by King… whatever his name was. You eventually meet this douchebag, he outright admits he tried to have you assassinated because he saw you as a threat, asks if you have any understanding of how politics works in Morrowind, and offers you a job working for him, assuming you can see his point of view and not be offended that HE TRIED TO HAVE YOU KILLED. What will you do? Work for him after slaughtering his assassins he sent after you? Tell him to fuck off and go side with the Temple who doesn’t like him? How about just murdering him and his guards, assuming you’re strong enough to do so? Better yet, it’s suspected that he poisoned the last king. Will you kill him in revenge for the widow queen? Most big questlines have lots of options like this in Morrowind. The main questline in particular is great because it will have you doing everything from buying a slave to pose as a high-born lady marrying a lowly tribal chief to outright killing high-lords who refuse to support you. And if you decide to join the Morag Tong… have fun assassinating people in broad daylight while waving a piece of paper saying “haha, you can’t arrest me!”


Wow, really makes me want to replay it. I got kinda far but got rekt by a vampire in a cave. Didn’t have a save to get my ass out before then so I quit. I remember it being hard as balls, I think I kept a journal to remember where I was going and map out the areas D&D style.

Inspirational, thanks!

I always like to play an evil character. I to find it annoying that you have to “pretend” to be nice in so many quests. I always tend towards sneak, light armor, archery and vampire.

For a change I am playing a all cloth only mage / werewolf. It was very had early on but now my illusion, destruction and conjuration is up at or close to 100. The character is actually very overpowered. AOE a whole dungeon to fury on each other is funny to watch :slight_smile:

@anon79053375 Just a few days ago I finished my playthrough of Morrowind. I think I got about 85-90% of the entire game’s content complete (including expansions) and there’s just no big stuff left for me to tackle, so I’m calling it quits. It’s been a good run. Steam says 155 hours. I’ve expanded about as much as my character possibly can. 100 in all attributes, 80 and above in almost all skills. I had been playing with the difficulty turned up all the way and it really shows how much power my character had gained by chopping and blasting her way through everything that got in her way.

I had only ever got to about 30% completion before, even though I’ve started Morrowind on more than one occasion. After really digging into the quests and paying attention to what the central quest is all about, I’ve come to see for myself why the game is praised so much. It’s flawed, absolutely, and a lot of the immersion is truly only paper thin and shatters when you put it under a microscope. However, despite that, Morrowind is a game that left me feeling like my character had truly gone out and done some shit and the world knew it. And I, as the player, had actually learned about the world of TES by playing. If you pay attention as you work through the questline, Morrowind teaches you about all these different people, who they like and don’t like, and why… unlike Oblivion/Skyrim that just throws fetch and kill quests at you with paper thin motives. It really amazed me how, at one point, I needed to get the support of some rich, powerful, smug asshole to further my claim as Nevanarine. Earlier in my playthrough, I had stole ebony armor out of this guy’s basement and found him and his lackeys to be total assholes. But after being more familiar with all the different factions, I later approached him as an equal of sorts rather than just thinking he was some asshole in my way. I told him what he wanted to hear, struck a bargain, and he threw his and his lackey’s support behind me and I went on my way. There were even many times when I took options that were less rewarding (monetarily speaking) because I simply liked that option better. Again, Morrowind’s charm really is paper thin in some ways… but it’s a paper thin visage that actually works, and it works without you having to pretend something silly to stay in roleplay.

Anyway, I strongly recommend giving Morrowind a properly chance. If you do, I advise just this short list of mods (and the game of the year edition ofc):

  1. Morrowind Overhaul Sounds and Graphics (this makes Morrowind look like a game from ~2010. Seriously. If you get the all in one package, it’ll come with things like the 4GB patch and tons of other stuff.)
  2. All the official add-ons (you can get them free on The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages)
  3. Apoapse’s Attack (makes it so swings don’t miss, but dmg is based on skill rather than hit/miss chance being skill based)
  4. More Barter Gold (Some people think this is cheating. It’s not. Vendors in major cities being broke af is unrealistic.)
  5. Madd Leveler (makes you level smoothly without having to worry about Bethesda’s retarded level bonus system)
  6. Fair Magicka Regen (Oblivion styled mana regen)

There are some others but those are the biggies. I don’t bother with things like Tamriel rebuilt or any of that shit. I’ve never been a fan of unofficial content. Too much unprofessional quality or inconsistent quality and lore that often breaks from what’s cannon.