Finally Upgrading Home Router, $250 MAX Budget

Similar yes. Double coil but these coils are optimized for the 5/8th lambda not the typical quarter wave… A little differences here and there to make them equally good at transmitting as they are at rxing… Typically people buy antennas to improve gain but theres so much more you gotta do with the new tech… (especially AX> You might as well stick to stock with AX. The explanation is long and will muck up this thread so I wont get into it)

The spread is wonderful. the antennas can be software configured depending on the channel width. If you have 80x80 to make 160 its a 2x2 if you have just 80 its full array. (openwrt). I talked about why this router is awesome here. Also talked about the properties of my antennas

Scroll to the middle of my OP blog post also table of contents

Anyways OP… any AX router will do. You can find higher end for cheap on Ebay. No sense paying full price. Sometimes Ill buy a bricked one (super cheap) and jtag it but if you arent comfortable with that just stick with confirmed working open box’s

AX is still heavily evolving. I would wait until its through a couple of waves before buying.

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I was under the impression ASUS routers don’t have the hardware for proper packet inspection even if you upgrade the firmware to Tomato. Maybe I am thinking of a different commercial router feature (which I forget the name of) or thinking of hardware packet inspection, not software packet inspection.

not a clue… was a cheap option that works well enough and made as a option to plug and play.
they are fine for home use. custom firmware not a clue… never tried with the ones my friends bought.

I know remember what I confused packet inspection with Intruder Detection. The router ability to detect an Intruder and automatically put a stop to it without human intervention.

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yeahs it bad if they have the password… remote management is not that secure with them.

Remote Management is the first option on any router or server I disable. If I have to log into something that isn’t local, I use OpenVPN and log into whatever equipment I need.