Finally joined the SSD bandwagon

So, I finally purchased me an SSD after months of contemplation!

I got me the Plextor M5 Pro, but only in its 128gb flavor (me so poor).

I've heard good things about it, but I am not all too sure.

I just really wanted one immediately that I could no longer wait for the likes of Curcial M4 to be replenished in the shop where I purchase my stuff.

It has a 5 year warranty so I thought, what the heck!

Hope this SSD will be reliable.

But at the end of the day, I am just happy to finally get me an SSD LOL

Glad to have you one board *choo choo*

Rinax89, Since you just got the SSD make some posts through the next few days explaining the pros and cons you are finding yourself. I am on the fence about purchasing a couple SSD(s) as well.

It really makes your user experience much better. It doesn't make your computer magic or anything. But makes everything feel fast. Size and cost is the only downside. Buy one, you won't regret it.

Dave Dugdale does a really detailed explanation of his storage config, in this video. Thinking about trying his solution out if I do get an SSD or 2. What do you think about the way he has his setup?

When you install an SSD there are certain things you should follow for proper set up. This page explains many of the things you should do when using an SSD.

  This is a Newegg video explaining the proper way to set up your SSD and to insure you have TRIM set for proper file removal and an overall tutorial for your SSD. Hope this helps. I now have an SSD in every computer in my house even if just for my OS.


Thanks for this! I was actually looking for how to properly set the SSD up since this is my first time and not sure if I should go about doing it like a regular HDD.

Sure thing!

Most likely by the next few weeks, I will make posts about my experience with the SSD; I first have to study the proper set up, configuring TRIM, etc first lol


Advanced Host Controller Interface

Windows Vista and 7 natively support the AHCI SATA controller standard, which enables faster data throughput, but it's worth checking that your motherboard does too. Once you are into your BIOS insure all your storage devices are set to AHCI. They will not communicate properly if they are not all set to the same AHCI controller standard. Again, the video will show you how and how to insure your system is set for TRIM.


... and I continue to stick with mechanical drives because they are cheaper and really SSDs don't offer me anything I NEED. Honestly I wonder if I will ever see an SSD in my system. LOL!

Not to mention a 4TB HGST NAS drive is just as good as a consumer SSD. See IOPS numbers. A Enterprise SSD, PCI Expresss or the M.2s however still kick the shit out of everything else.