Finally installed TF2

Ya so I finally decided to install TF2 and give it a chance. I'll train a bit and than hopefully I'll be able to come play on the events with you guys!

STEAM: qcptioli

Not long had it myself.

fav class?

When I played I recall it was the Pyro. Will be playing tomorrow, not tonight tho, going out with friends.

My favorite class is hmmm... Pyro maybe.

I'm a "play the class that is needed". I dont suck at everyone, im not pro at everyone either. But I am better with some classes than with others.

Sweet, im buying it tomorrow. i basically just switched from console gaming to pc. so i dont have any online games yet (UNTIL TOMORROW!!).

I prefer Pyro, Heavy and Scout. I do play the other classes and I am in no way expert in the game at all, I just love it!

my fav classes are heavy pyro and engi. sometimes i like spy and sniper but only if im in the mood lol. im forced to like the scout kinda cuz i want the acheavments lol