Finally getting around to building a decent custom

Hello people. I have built other desktops before; however all of them have been a bit under the 1k range, I now want to step up and get something a little more powerful. I mainly play League and Dayz, I want something that will for sure be able to play the standalone of DayZ fluently (at least 1920x1080x60+ at max), Video editing, I also do some VM'ing from time to time. I do not do any serious overclocking.

I would really like to have a 4770k/4770 or a 3570k/3570 and something close to a GTX 680 (I'm thinking a 7950 or a 760 perhaps?), and a quick boot drive SSD.


I would like to keep my budget near $1500 including monitor (not set in stone, you can cross the line a bit if needed). The Monitor I want to include is a $280 144Hz monitor.


Current PC specs:

AMD 1075T


4x4gb Corsair Dominator 1600MHz

ATI Radeon 5770

1502FAEX WD Black 1.5Tb

24" Scepter 2ms 1080P


So can it be done? Or am I a fking moron?

I assume you can use your RAM and maybe your case for this build. If you cant use that case then drop the cooler and get a case instead. I went with 2 660Ti's because its about as powerfull as a titan and costs way less.

Why would you suggest a high end cooler for stock? Sure, Haswell runs hot, but that is kinda overkill.

If you want to overclock a reasonable bit you should get a k series processor, for the gpu you might want to wait for the 9000 series to come out (soooon :q). Anyway, you could max out lol with a toaster but the dayz standalone might run wonky even with a 10000 $ pc, framerate has been more of a software issue than a hardware issue with dayz in the past.

Oh I didnt notice that, was sure I used the K verision..

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