Finally...Direct CU for 290x!

Asus has released images of their Direct CU II implementation for the R9 290X. It's about time considering the temperatures are poor with the stock cooler.

Article was posted on the 5th of December

Man hopefully they have some direct cu2 or similar 290s in stock soon. It feels like I've been waiting for ages.

Looks really good. Third party coolers have shown that the temps of the 290x can be reduced by 20 degrees.

The NZXT bracket and fan with an AIO CPU cooler can make a 290 load at 40C (given it's $120)

From what I saw on Linus's video on the NZXT Bracket, The max performance on the 290 was slightly ahead of a stock 780 overclocked. How the 290X does on water, I still have not seen but I still feel like the 290's were rushed. While a better cooler will sort the throttling, Don't expect a monster overclocker.

That's comforting for a 780 owner. But it is also pretty disappointing.

I hope Logan gets a couple of these for review, I haven't really heard his opinion on the 290/290X.

Im not trying to be nasty. Infact I am now a proud owner of a high end 280X. I do not have anything against AMD. Its just the alternatives fit my needs better.

Agreed, But like everyone else, They would have been waiting for aftermarket coolers.

He tested a stock 290x , the differences with coolers from vendors such as Asus is that they might make customs PCBs and add better components which would naturally increase performance.

Also NZXT isn't the first with their aio gpu waterloop. I know Inno3d has this on their cards as far back as the GTX 680. The issue is to get one in the north american market :(.

I know you have/had a 780. I meant it is comforting for me as a 780 owner

Still own it, Still use it. Still in my opinion the best single GPU not including the ti.

Even if the aftermarket coolers dont get the r9 290 beating overclocked 780s it isnt really a loss. At a 409-419 dollar price point (Speaking from a north american viewpoint) the results the reference cards were posting would be more then enough to make it a steal if heat, noise, and throttling were negated. Which these coolers should do.

Who's foaming out for these, just want to know.

And in another news that no one had admitted to, EVGA just beefed up their GTX 780Ti with the "Classified" features. And Asus also has integrated their LC block with their air cooler HSF.

Reference Cooler all the way.

Exactly, I don't know why everyone is worried about the loudness. As long as the fans can keep the components cool enough It's really not that much of a big deal; it's what they are supposed to do. Turbulent airflow makes noise. The most important thing is the new Hawaii cores kick major ass for the price you have to pay for. I used to have the 560Ti and that thing was loud and ran fairly hot. But I wasn't dissuaded from playing my games at highest possible settings and pushing it into overclock. 

Some people like it quite. I, myself, will rather turn clocks down and keep fan volume to a minimum over turn the dial up that last few percents so my computer can sound like a jet taking off. To each his own, of course, but most people prefer quite.

If the price is right, I may grab a non reference R9 290.

Most 290Xs that were on water were hitting 1200 to 1250mHz, which is a fairly large OC.

Oh, the farms I could make with these.