Finally built! Drivers?

I have finally got my build running but I am confused about the drivers I need to get. I downloaded the Live Update 5 from MSI and it is downloading 6 drivers 4 of which for the board and 2 for MSI support. Do  I still need to get motherboard drivers for my m5a97 R.2 on the asus site or am I good to go? Also on the asus site it has 47 drivers listed for windows 8.1 64bit which ones do I need? The top one in each tab maybe?

generally you don't need anything more than what normal windows updater will pull for you. Most the programs that come with motherboards are crap anyways.

Untrue Nitro, windows updater  will not get all the proper drivers for all hardware, he should go to the motherboard site and download the drivers actually written for all his hardware.

Post the hardware you have here.  In general you need:

All the motherboard drivers- go to your motherboard manufacturer's website to find these.

GPU Driver(s)- go to AMD or nVidia's website, depending on which type of card you have, and download the one for your card.

I think I got everything now but the be sure.

For the gpu (660) I downloaded the newest driver on the geforce website.

Then for the mobo (m5a97 R.2) I downloaded the newest drivers under the lan, audio, and bios tab. Then I downloaded all of the drivers under the tab utilities.

Thanks for the help by the way Some Tech Noob. I have posted various questions on this forum and you have answered nearly all of them. Thanks to you I finally have a pc to play games on for the best of my money.



Yep, it looks like you're set to start your pc gaming :3.  Learn the wonders of Steam and Steam Sales as well.

No problem.  Enjoy your PC!

Going to the manufacturer for driver updates is the only good option. I think the Asus board comes with the AI suite. That will also help you download all the necessary files for your board.

Looks like you are all set. Enjoy!