Finalizing thoughts on first build

Hi guys. 

So I have been making money and am getting closer to being able to buy all the stuff for my pc. 

Here is an update on my part list: 


and i will be purchasing either this 670



I am very interested in buying this MOBO:

but i dont know if i could affordably do that, i would love some critiquing like always, and i know that i should reconsider my case, but for the whole deal that package on newegg looks awesome

What would be your max budget?

What are you planning to do? gaming? video edit? both?

Do you plan on overclocking?

For a mobo you can switch  for ASRock z77 Extreme4 $134.99

If your planning on saving some money you can change that ram to Corsair Vengance $82.99

For the CPU, are you near a microcenter, i got mine for $189.99 there which you save $40 to spend on something else

And for a case you can get the Rosewill BlackHawk $89.99 Its mid tower buts it works fine imo


what's your total budget for the whole build?

1600 ish not including a monitor. ill be spending another 500 on a beauty of a monitor when i get the money for that.


is that psu much different than the hx 750?

mine isn't modular, its <80% effecient, yours is up to 90% effecient, same Amp and watt rating, you really only need a 650w but an extra 100w for the future won't hurt




you can get the OS, Case cheaper on Amazon like your PC part picker said, also you need to login and apply the PromoCode

you won't need a mouse pad or anti static strap, just ground yourself on the case every so often, the ADATA SSD is faster, you will not need the HX PSU go with the one I showed you, my heatsink with those Fans performs as good as the H100 if not better, my GPU is significantly better, and with unlocked Overclocking, you can install windows with a flash drive its a bit quicker that way too, eleminating the need for a Optical drive

ok, now the non modular psu, will i be dealing with like a ridiculous amount of cables? and will i have enough cables? i think that the h100 with 4 fans is a great option, and i really would rather not have a huge heatsink. but if they truly get better temps and is a cheaper buy i couldnt ignore that.

could get hx750 at ncix for 99 dollars too.

you'll have enought cables either way, if you can get the Hx for 99 get it, modular is nice, you'll still have to do cable management, just like 2-3 cables less to deal with

now your thoughts on GPU? the one you reccommended is 500 dollars and the one i have now is 400. so, for the extra hundred the msi may be great but i really want a 670 not a 7970. I'd thinking about the ASUS Direct CU ii TOP 670. Y/N?

yeah that would a good choice