Finalizing build

I post here too much, but I'm indecisive and like help.

So this was my final build.

But my budget opened up just a hair, so I was thinking this for just a little more.

Question is, is it worth it for the extra performance? Also, would the mobo from the first build work with the 8350 or would I really need to get the more expensive mobo so that the 8350 would work best?

Never heard of Topower PSU's. Why didn't you get a Seasonic, XFX or Corsair like everyone else? And yes, the 8350 is much better than the FX6300. And yes, the motherboard of your ''final'' build would work with the 8350. 

I was going to get a Corsair, but the Topower I got was stupid cheap and is already here so I'm going to just use that. Two of my buddies have them and said they've had no issues so I'm having faith in it.

Reason I ask about the motherboard is that I've heard 8350 users say that the board in the second build works much better with the CPU than the other one. Just seeing if anyone thinks it'd be a better investment to get the more expensive one.

I redid your build a little and I got this, about $100 less from your more expensive build that will perform better:

Gah I've had so many people do so many different things with it I get so overwhelmed. I still have a bit before I have the money to build this one though so it's okay.

Well over all it's your choice on what your build is and everyone has a different opinion, I just took what you had and made the best cost to performance PC I could make that was inbetween our 2 budgets. I will say though that my nuild is better than you more expensive build.

I forgot the 8320 existed, so I may go with that. I just have a few extra dollars to throw around so I figured I'd push for the 8350 and such.

Also just side question, this PSU is on sale, and I can't really argue with 800w for $60, but would it be worth it's so cheap or would it be a better idea to spend the extra and get a better brand?

IT'S A TRAP! Not saying it's a bad brand, but i'd go for a more well known brand. Three reviews doesn't say much about the quality.

Edit: and it doesn't have a single 12v rail. So go for a Seasonic or XFX please. 

While I agree about the single rail, there's been a ton of debate I've seen lately about whether or not single or multiple rails is better. But turns out a good friend ordered the Topower for me already -_- may just have to return it.