Finalizing Build Before Purchase

Hey guys, I've done alot of reading on here and I think I have come up with the build I want.  I have built a computer before but it was over 5 years ago so it took me a while to get caught up on all the new hardware. 

This is what I have.  The case, cooling, GPU and CPU I am set on.  Pretty sure that's the right mobo for me, the ram, I will most likely choose based on sales when I start buying the parts, but what speed of ram should I go with?  SSD similar to ram, I have a few in mind, will go with the best deal at the time.  For the network card, I wasnt sure what to get with.  Since I rent 8 months of the year for university, it may be hard for me to run a cable from our router to my room.  So i would like to have the wifi for worst case scenario.  The PSU is what I'm having the hardest time with.  I won't be running a crosfire setup so I believe the wattage will be fine, the only other thing I'll be adding is a hard drive shortly after I build.  But I can't decide on what efficiency to go with.

I won't be doing very much editing just strictly gaming, streaming and media use.  

Any input is appreciated!!!




You might want to get a 8320 to save some money if you are not going to OC it a lot. You also don't need this motherboard because the main point of it is two PCI-e x16 and Crossfire/SLI support. I would suggest Asus M5A97 R2.0

You don't really need 600W for a single-GPU system. Bronze efficiency is fine.

I would get a Dell U2312HM monitor if it's affordable.