Finalized build, i think its done

build :

Primarily gaming only probably some light editing, i will not be overlocking, i dont need an SSD i can be patient when starting computer up loading up a few programs.

Leave some feedback, if you can find a way to lower the price but keep it silent and keep the same performance,then go ahead and show me.

I think two 4 gb modules for ram is better than 1 8 gb module

1 8gb is better for upgrading later own.

oh whoops i didnt even notice that ill find a different one.

2 4gb will run in dual channel and will run nearly twice as fast

if your set on not overclocking thats fine, but you have an amazing processor id overclock it

Apsolutly true 8gb is better for later upgrade, there isnt any visible gain in dual chanel, thats what noobs like to dream about..

I don't think the thermal paste is worth it if you're using that cooler.

i mean, if you're not doing any heavy overclocking i'd stick with stock paste on the fan