Finalize Pc Build before ordering on Wednesday afternoon, Need Reviews/tips!

Here are the specs for my Pc. This is gonna be used for gaming/editing/streaming and such and needs advice on wether this is good or parts could be changed for better solutions.

Budget is $2,000 and would like to keep pc specs at around $1,500, the extra $500 for peripherals and extra essentials if need be. Missing a case, because don't really know what would be ideal and just dont know if a mid tower is good and will fit all the above or need to go bigger?

Will be running games like Smite, LOL, Cs Go, and High Cpu usage as far as Civilization 5 on max settings.

If any thing you feel is/or could be recommended in using instead of what I have listed, feel free to let me know about them.

I'll most likely finalize everything tomorrow and get it all prepped before I order on Wednesday Feb, 17 at Noon.

I think it needs more cowbell......seriously though looks solid. Should do well for you.

Looks good to me ;-)

I think the 24 inch monitor is kinda pricey and the monitor is the most important part.
Best buy link .....I like best buy cause of the free shipping and my dau's 27 in HP monitor is georgous and was 179. I would spend some time shopping for a 27 to 29 inch monitor. I like 1080 cause you can go big without busting the budget.
100 dollar water cooler is great for an AMD chip if your gonna jam 300 watts in an insane overclock. You have a very fast very cool running top of the line intel cpu. I would try the stock cooler. Plus you can upgrade it later with a better sense of what will fit. The stock fan may be less noisy hen the gpu fan.
On the case the main thing to worry about is the max length of the gpu. The LEPA case I got for 30 and the Antec case with a PSU for 45 were so far beyond my expectations I cant see paying allot for a case.
If a microcenter is nearby I would get the cpu/mb combo there, the cpu is 299 and I like there return policy and there compos.
Hope this helps
PS On the mail in rebates I made the mistake of asking my wife to do it. Never again:)

If it were me, at this price range, I would be looking at a 6600k, 16gb DDR4, H220x, Fury (non-X), and a 1440p monitor. The Fury is a solid 1440p card, and you don't really need an i7 for gaming. A 1440p monitor is a pretty solid improvement over a 1080p one (used 1080p, 1440p, and 4k all within the last few months so can speak from experience).

Drew it up on pcpartpicker for you. Overkill ssd because why not and overkill psu for crossfire later (should only need about 900W, but over 1000 is safer, could find it cheaper, but fuck it, the budget was there). Feel free to use whatever mixture of components, but this is the basics of what I would recommend. And if you like FO4, then faster ram would be a wise choice.


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A 4790K, 6700K or Xeon 1231v3 would all be good options depending upon budget.
A 4790 or 6700 (or 1231v3 again) would also be good with a 212 EVO if you're not looking to OC.

As @anon85933304 and @1920.1080p.1280.720p said, you might want to look at options other than the generic 1080p IPS panel.

The cooler, you might want to rethink also. Personally, I prefer air coolers - the NH-D15 might be a better option if you want to save a bit of dough, it performs pretty darn well (I've got my 4790K half assedly OC'd to 4.6, and it never goes over 70 under normal use (been playing GTAV all day in a rather warm room)), and is probably quite a bit quieter. It doesn't look that bad with that 390, either (I've the NH-D15 and the same MSI 390).

I suggested the H200x so that he could drop a waterblock on the gpu later on if he wanted. That said, currently, the best option for a 1440p card is the nonreference Sapphire Fury which I have in my parts list (iirc, and I don't care enough to look again) which defeats the purpose of that. Honestly, I think that something like a Hyper 212 would be sufficient.

EDIT: just remembered that the Nano is an option. Could water cool that and get better than Fury X performance with a decent little semi custom water loop based on the H220x. Definitely something to consider.


Your build is a little too overkill in my opinion and leaves me thin in my budget... i will be needing a i7 for the editing and software I'm going to be running. The cpu cooler might be changed as for the monitor with a local store... 1440p monitor seems pricey as well while 1080p will get the job done and leaves more room in my walllet.

Even if you lower the gpu from a Fury to a 390, I would still suggest that you go with a decent 1440p monitor. People always underestimate the difference that a good monitor can make. It is night and day. This is an edit of what I'm thinking of sticking with... the cooler I have doubts but Seems to be a solid choice by popularity.

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Looks good imo, just make sure your monitor is IPS.

...that isn't the right link.

The last one ? I'm sure it is, I just did lil changes to the monitor and add a case...

the last link does not take us to your updated build