Finalish build?

Finally decided to build a pc and due to space for now building a mini itx/matx rig. Here is what i put together let me know what you think. Mostly gonna be using this for gaming and editing a tad bit, not overclocking as of yet, also will put a corsair h60 in for cooling when i build it. Good build for about $720 after mail in rebates and such?

well since you selected an unlocked cpu, i would realy recommend to buy a Z97 mini itx board, to have the fully unlocked overclock feutures. If you are not tempting to overclock, then basicly the 4690K is a bit of a waste, on that H97 board, then you could also grab a 4690 non k if you get what i mean.

Grtz Angel ☺

hows this board for overclocking ?

You'll be able to overclock.  Just keep in mind that it's still an ITX board, in a relatively small enclosure.  Any reason why you're getting a Mini-ITX board in a Micro-ATX case?

Consider getting the i5-4690k.  There's better thermal interface material, which makes overclocking not so thermal-limited.

If you do want to overclock, you will have to pick up a third party cooler when you do.  For a budget cooler, I'd suggest the Hyper 212 Plus/Evo.

Pick up a Caviar Blue or Seagate Barracuda.  The Greens are slow and often fail: they're really only for archival use.

R9 270 is the same card as the R9 270X, but at a lower base clock.  Save a couple bucks and find the R9 270.

Heck I'll even make the changes for you.

Do you plan to upgrade your ram in the future?  If you get a dual-channel kit(2x4GB), you'll have slightly better performance in day to day usage due to dual channel capabilities.  However, that means that you won't have as easy of a time upgrading.  Single channel RAM is alright though, and should perform just fine.

The thing i personaly dislike about the Asrock Z97M-ITX / AC board, is that it has no heatspreader on the vrm area. So i would not realy recommend it for overclocking.

I would personaly look at one of these boards, Both have a nice 6 powerphase and digi vrm design.

Originally i had a mini itx case for the build, also i like the fact that the mini itx boards at least most have wifi and bluetooth built in. Have another build with the 8320 in a full sized case for about the same price but from what i've read some games benefit from the single threaded capabilities with the intel so i was a bit skeptical about using an amd mostly from the gaming aspect, but also when it comes to editing and productivity i know the intel usually is better than the amd, still not 100% set though.  

Eventually will upgrade to 16gb of ram, but not for a while.