Final Recommendations Before Buying?

Ok, so after months of research and saving my money, I have complied a list of what I (and many others on this forum) believe is the best PC I can get for $1500.

Please note:

  • I plan to overclock
  • The WiFi card will not be bought yet (or ever) It was just there as a filler because it matched the color scheme.
  • I have my peripherals picked out on a different PcPartPicker Parts List.

I am looking for any final recommendations on my choice of parts

Thanks community!


Looks really good to me. You prob don't need those case fans though

Are the stock fans that come with the computer good enough to cool the case?

Yeah, the stock fans should be fine.

I also agree that the computer looks great.

NZXT stock fans are pretty good in my experience and the noise is pretty quiet. Is the AC wireless really necessary? If no I would just switch it out to a 240/256GB SSD and run Ethernet.

  • The WiFi card will not be bought yet (or ever) It was just there as a filler because it matched the color scheme.

Oops, skimmed over that, thank you for clarifying.

Thanks guys! Sadly, my router is about 150 feet away from my computer and I can't easily run an Ethernet chord to it.

I'm still looking at other options. I will probably pick up a $15 WiFi card eventually.

Thanks again!

I have been using this for quite some time now, and it has been working great! Link 

I am probably around 100 ft. from my router and this has been more reliable than a netgear usb dongle that I had for a while. I believe the maximum range is 200 ft. of electrical wiring through your house from point A to B. There is other similar models with higher ends specs if this one seems too weak to you or if you dislike the brand.

Edit: The model I purchased came with two 6 ft. Cat 5e Ethernet cables. Maybe that will suffice your needs.

if you are getting that wifi card later then why not get one of the new asus rog boards..... they come with wireless ac, also if you router is not wireless ac u wont get the speeds, also 5GHz  wireless N and AC does not have as much range as 2.4ghz N usually. also put your wireless router on a high surface, gets better signal because wifi signals travel downwards 

look into the new corsair line of ssd's! super cheap and same speeds as the competitors. the 512GB one is like 200 something dollars. love corsair