Final Decisions - $1500 Build

Hey guys after loads of research this is the build I have decided on 

In future I will hope to have two gpu's and run them in sli. 

Let me know what you guys think!

Please note I have 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black (7200RPM) HDD's lying around the house so I dont need to buy more.

Looks good to me, what will you be using it for?

The 3770k is a better processor, for gaming atleast then the 3820 so if I were you I'd go for the and save a load of money.

Gaming, School Work, Movie Watching ---> I want it to last a while thats why I invested more money in the CPU and MoBo than some would.

I  save money on the CPU by choosing the 3820 and spend a little more on the LGA2011. The 3820 will allow me to run the GTX 670's in sli better than the 3770K, thus offering me optimal perfomance.

Save yourself some money: