Final Build

Ok, I swear this is my final post on here for now lol. But here it is, I believe this is my final build! Please leave your suggestions and thoughts as I really need them.'

I like this personally.

The powersupply is over kill, but gives you tons of room for upgrades and is a good price.

I like the 7870 because it has better memory bandwith.

I am going nVidia because i need the CUDA cores for editing and designing graphics.

If you are going nvidea I would get a 670 then and go up to a i7. What ever is cheap 2600k,2700k, 3770k.

Well, that is the max of my budget...

ok I would spend the extra money and go with this if you are going to be video editing.

Also I like the asrock z77 extreme 4 better as it has more sata 6gbs ports. I have the lk and it is a good board but lacks sata 6gbs.

If thats the max you plan on spending consider going with an amd 8350.

Why is this build not good...its just going to be like editing youtube videos that are 5-10 mins long. 

Any other suggestions?


It will work just fine,but having hyperthreading helps alot when editing and the 660ti memory bandwith is not very good. I personally would save up a bit more because to me it's would be worth it for editing. 

I approve !

Yay! :D

I recommend a better cooler than the EVO. Sure it's cheap as dirt, but it's only slightly better than the stock cooler. Also, if you don't NEED a 3tb driver, don't get one. Save yourself a little money by snagging a 1tb driver. Grab an asrock motherboard. They tend to be a lot cheaper, give you more features for the price, and were a part of ASUS at one time and still pump out quality parts. Not as high quality as ASUS, but still very good.

thanks for the reply double. i actually dont know what you're talking about when you say drivers. I am new to this :P.

also, im am purchasing some of my parts at microcenter. in this case, the 3570k is like 60 bucks off and this mobo runs there at about 80 bucks as a bundle. so that is why I have it selected. thanks!

Evo is not a bad cpu cooler what so ever, I have mine setup with 2 sp 120s in push pull and a i7 2700k oced to 4.5ghz and the  cores are in the 60s at full load. Though for a $100 the h100i will give you very good performance. 

There is no difference in pricing between a 2700K and a 3770K. Intel saves money on Ivy Bridge CPUs compared to Sandy Bridge due to the smaller manufacturing process, so they don't charge any more for it.

slay english definitely isn't wrong here, but when it's out of your budget... its out of the budget. I do a fair bit of encoding and rendering on my 2500k and I've never felt a great need to upgrade to an i7 flavor.

Also, I'll second the recommendation of Asrock as an option for the motherboard if you can actually find it cheaper. I've used plenty of them and all have been a relative success. Unless you plan to load the thing up with extra SSDs or more than 4 HDDs in the future I wouldn't worry about the lack of additional sata 6Gb/s ports. The slower, mechanical HHDs will probably never saturate the sata 3Gb/s ports anyways so they'll do fine up until the point you run out of ports altogether.

If you have any inclination of SLI though, spend the money now on a 650-750w PSU. The 600 series nvidia cards require a lot less power but a 600w might struggle if it does the job at all. If not, 600w should be way more than enough for the single card.

Thanks guys,

and yeah i cant go over budget because i am too excited to start building instead of saving up. im only 13 so...

anyways, like i said earlier, that motherboard and cpu are a combo at microcenter, the cpu is 160 and the mobo is i think i will stick with that.

finally, i dont have any intentions on SLI atm. maybe later down the road, but I can always buy a new power supply then.

Thanks Guys!

For sure... its just one of those things you can spend a little on now or a lot on later. If you'll likely be able to use it in something else in the future it isn't a total loss having a spare 600w PSU at the end of the day though. 

Okay, I changed some things up. I added a new case; Im either going with the one in the build or Corsair Vengeance C70.

Also, I changed out the power supply, I dont need the gaming series. Will 600W be enough for this? I am not planning on crossfire or SLI in the future.

Finally, I added an operating system, which I forgot about, into the build...I am getting it for 20 bucks cheaper on amazon or ebay.

Okay, so how does everything look?

The Build: