Final build

Ok so this is my final build after many suggestions. I pretty much took all the parts I wanted in my pc from all the suggestions and here is the final. Tell me what you think.

you want 1866mhz ram with that cpu

You dont need a psu with wattage that high 550w will do. And you can get a cheaper cooler and then you can get an ssd.

Could you list some of those products please

Also what's an ssd and what would I need it for

Also what's an ssd and what would I need it for

Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9B

XFX P1-550S-XXB9

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Sandisk SDSSDP-064G-G25 or Crucial CT128V4SSD2 but i dont know much about ssds

An ssd is a solid state harddrive. Like a normal mechanical harddrive its used to store data but it is much faster than a normal hard drive. Generally you use it to store your most commonly used programs like os games and so on on the ssd and then have the rest of your stuff movies music and so on stored on a larger mechanical.

An SSD runs up to 10x as fast as a normal hard disk because it stores the information on a flash. 

It helps with ridiculously quick boot times. That includes launching games, programs, the lot.

Down side include high asking price and relatively small storage space. Could be over come by having a 120GB SSD for booting your PC and main program files. 

And having the extra storage on the HDD as a secondary storage space.

It's not necessary but the speed gain is unbelievable.

A good SSD would be

Because you went for an AMD based system it is better to get quicker memory.

Would an intel i5 be better? Or is this a good build for gaming and school? To run like skrim and bf3 smoothly?

The CPU will be good enough. You won't get too much of a gain by switching to an Intel build. It's more important to put money into the GPU which you did. You'll be able to pretty much max out any modern games fine. And as for as memory goes I don't really see why you would need faster memory for your uses unless you're using an APU.

Yes, again, it will run any game. 

I also told you on ANOTHER forum you started about the SAME build that you shouldn't spend to much on a CPU cooler, because it completely defeats the purpose of buying the AMD processor( which is to save money). 6300+ NH-D14= 210.98. 3570K on Amazon= 214.99

no. SSD != solid state harddrive. it's NOT a harddrive.

solid state disk.

The only processors that you can see a difference with faster memory is the AMD APUs....

There are no disks in an ssd the d is for drive.

ok yes sorry i just had many suggestions for builds and took what i thought might be best.