Final Build Adjustments

So, ladies and gents, I have already decided on the build I'm going to build..... Just need some opinions whether I need some changes or not

Much better in every single way and cheaper. Can't moan eh?

What's going to be the difference between the Sapphire and the HIS? The Sapphire cost more, here.

As for the cooler, I would've picked that up in the first placem, but they don't have it here. And wouldn't the 1866 memory a bit overkill? 

P.S: the CX750 and GS700 cost the exact same here. Basically the price is messed up here. I don't even know if the price on the internet would be linear to what it is here

What country do you live in?

The sapphire has a slighly higher clock speed, and a better cooler so if it is the same price or less, then go for that.

I just went for the best RAM your motherboard could use without OC and it was like $4 more and it will make your PC run just that little faster but it's not exactly neccisary if it's a lot more.

Get the 750, they are fundamentaly, the same but with the CX you get a bit more power for if you're wanting to upgrade it in the future.

I live in Indonesia. I am getting the cheapest possible price I can get here since I'm buying with distributor price.

Also, I have my eyes on the M5A97 EVO version, wouldn't it be better for some overclocking?

Alright, I'll be getting the CX

If you send me a link to a retailer, I could have a look for you.

Sadly, they don't have a website. But I do have their price list if that's good enough for you

Would I be able to use for a reference as I'm sure they'll be fairly similarly priced?

Sure, but as far as I'm concerned, they don't have everything listed there and the price are not really that accurate

The 7950's way over my budget. Is the mobo overclockable?

yes MB is OC-able.

You can remove CM cooler to save money for 7950 or just go for Sapphire 7870xt