Files on server won't open

What's up everyone, first time poster, but I was from Tek Syndicate so I'm not necessarily, new. I've been dealing with an annoying issue here at work and neither my boss or I have been able to figure it out.

Our users work on files from the server, typically word, excel, AutoCad drawings, stuff of the like. However, sometimes they would simply not open or when they do they would freeze immediately. I'd have to go into the task manager and shutdown whatever program they were using.

The only workaround that I could think of was to copy the specific file that they were working on to their desktop and to work on it locally, then save their work and overwrite the original file on the server when they were done.

Does anyone know what is happening and what I can do to prevent this?


To be clear when you say the file doesnt open, do you mean on the client nothing happens at all or do you mean the file is locked (already open by another user/computer error)?

You could try this to see if something is locking the file.

What OS is the server and clients? is it all the files you mentioned or something specific?

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The environment is Windows Server R2, and yes, the user double-clicks on the file and either nothing happens, or it opens but then freezes immediately.

The clients run on Windows 7

I'll try your suggestion, thanks.