Filemanagment software

Hi all readers.

I have question that google cant answer. For example you have 50 diffrent software installer and iso-s but you cant remember what you have on NAS and what they do. Sometimes you download something like 10 years ago software that does not have developer anymore, filename is random.exe then try to rember what does it do. Can anybody direct me to sofware that can do:

  • Tag files
  • List files
  • Search by name age or by tag or description
  • Is open source
  • Web based
  • Maby has hash based file tracking

Tag examples: Automation, Industrial, AVR, PIC, Microcontroller, youtube, downloader.

Thx i hope i was clear enough in my wish!

Maybe try Spacedrive.

Ed: Or not. Just saw the post and didn’t read too closely. Apparently the app doesn’t have a release yet. My bad.