File Server Mini ITX Ideas

As Steam Boxes are a thing, I really want to get into the whole "In Home Streaming" thing and I am wondering, on a budget, what components do you think would be good for acting as the Local Network for Steam IHS and just as a basic file server for XBMC etc. I also have a presumably stupid question as well. Can I access my LAN Server via WiFi meaning no Ethernet Cable as I'm thinking of buying a Rasp Pi as a XBMC device and I want to access movies etc. Thanks!

First off... what's the budget?

Second... yes, you access it via WIfi but you may need an adapter depending... For best results, your mobo should have Wifi built in or a wifi PCI card... optionally you could transmit it via router...  Chromecast seems to work ok as the low end option ($30ish) on devices that don't have built in wifi... you can also set up servers (such as StreamToMe) but do note that if you want it in "realtime" you'll need a LAN connection... HDMI over CAT6 is likely the best route if you're looking at a long cable run...  go to monoprice and ask a rep to help you pick things out if you're unfamiliar with that concept and you want the better connection... most wifi transmissions via host server will require coding and recode which result in 15-30 second delays over wifi... so from that point, it's up to you with what quality of connection you can tolerate...