Filco TKL (mx brown) $120-170 shipped

Up for sale is a Filco Ninja TKL (MX Browns).  I traded my White Filco TKL for this Filco.  I do not have the ninja key caps, so this board will come with either your choice of white Filco key caps or Ragnorock blood key caps (TKL set).  The left shift and capslock keys on the ragnorock keys have been filed down on the sides due to a fitment issue with a few Filcos.  However, the filing is not noticeable when the key caps are installed on a keyboard and the key caps do fit a Filco perfectly now.  


The keyboard will ship in a White Filco keyboard box (I only traded the keyboard not the boxes...sorry) and come with a Filco key puller.


I'm asking $170 shipped OBO for the Filco with ragnorock key caps or $120 shipped OBO for the Filco with the white key caps.  If you want both key caps (white & Ragnorock set) we can work out a deal.  Payment made via paypal.  CONUS only.