Fiji XT/GM 200 leaks

Wccftech has reported on leaked specs for the AMD Fiji XT and nVidia GM 200 chips, expected to launch in the 390x and Titan II/980 Ti/something. The leaks are from the SiSoft Sandra benchmarking database.

Summarizing from the articles in question.

Fiji XT:

4096 Stream Processors

4GB HBM at 1.25 Ghz (~533 GB/s)

1 Ghz boost clock speed.

20nm process



3072 CUDA cores

6GB GDDR5 at 6 Ghz (effective) (290 GB/s)

~1.4 Ghz boost clock speed

28nm process.


So, what do you guys think? Legit or not? I, for one, am extremely hyped. I was expecting nVidia to get thrashed at the beginning of next year with the R9 390x launch (other rumors mentioning 4096 stream processors, HBM, and 20nm), but with a 3k CUDA core chip, nVidia could stay competitive, if priced correctly. Of course, it's entirely possible these leaks are inaccurate.


The 390x will be insane (if those specs are correct).

i saw diffrent specs but we will see ☺

When these get released I'm going to have a hard time choosing between the R9-380x and the R9-390 lol. Also Word of Advice I learned the Hard-way Don't buy the cards AS SOON as they come out. I Bought two ASUS Direct CU II R9-270x's for Crossfire on DAY 1. never received an AMD Gold Card :(

Not only that, I think it's best to wait for non reference designs anyway.

What specs did you see? This is first I've seen for GM 200, and it looks like what I saw for the 390x as well (except for perhaps VRAM?)

There was no reference model for the R9-270x. I mean technically there was but it was only sent to reviewers. for example Austin Evan's Review of R9-270x he shows a Reference Model Card. :/


So sort of like with the GTX 970?

Yeah basically. :(

i saw R9-390X 4224 stream processors  Bermuda XTX. with 4GB HBM memory.

But yeah its close so it could be.

i also saw a Fiji 380X with 3072 streams processors. But these are old rumours so maybe those new rumours are more vallid.

Well that report is actually 50% more processors than the 290X. The other report for 4092 processors is like 45.3% more processors. I am willing to bet the former is more accurate, but again, nothing is confirmed. Still impressive numbers though. Can't wait to see real world performance.

I am looking forward to this for one reason, I can pick up cards for pennies haha.

Seriously I hope AMD do something good, I love AMD (Not a fanboy) but I have to admit, they are getting smashed since the 970 launch, heres to the x380 or what ever crushing it.

Wccftech has posted "simulated benchmarks" of the Fiji XT and GM200 chips.

If they're accurate, it's about a 50% boost, if the AMD chip has 96 ROPs. If it only has 64, it's quite a bit less powerful.