Fighting games for pc

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   I'm pretty new to pc gaming. For years I have played on consoles, and I primarily play on consoles because of fighting games. Does anyone know if there are recent fighting games that are available for the PC? 

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super street fighter 4 arcade edition

super street fighter vs tekken

Install mame emulator you can play console and arcade cab fighting games (like killer instinct/street fighter 3rd strike/sf2/sf2turbo ect ect)


Thanks Cooperman, I appreciate the help!

Here's a few:

random ass wacky one but legit get rubber ninjas

you should look up M.U.G.E.N. i'm not the best person to explaine it so just look it up (google and youtube)

if you like what you see and want to try it out someplace that has lot of good content and helpful members and staff (including yours truly) is  infinity mugen team

Thanks for the suggestions! :)

Hey logan, Whats that one really old fighting game, Its a japanese type katana samurai thing. You were playing it on a livestream of Beergamesbeer like 2 weeks ago maybe 3...

I heard of a game called Air Dash Online and it's apparently inspired by Super Smash Bros.