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Fight simaulator X mods and addons


Anyone know of any good mods that will enhance the realism of the scenery?  I am getting tired of the rolling hills of the same golf course texture.



bump because I would like to get back in to this game.



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Holy thread resurrection :joy:

Did you find any? I have a few in my library, there are different kinds, you get ones that simply replace the generic autogen textures and objects with better looking ones, and then you get the detailed hand crafted ones for specific areas and airports, which are amazing but jar against the default textures. Orbx is the one I personally found the best, and they produced both kind of packs which are mostly, but not always compatible with each other.

BTW I’ve pretty much stopped playing FSX as even with the FSX Steam Edition improvements it was still only 32bit and memory errors with 3rd party textures and aircraft happened. For any GA flying I use X-plane 11 now, many of the 3rd party add one are becoming available there as well.



It’s 2018, the core FSX engine is over 12 years old and no longer being updated. Personallly I wouldn’t buy any add ons for it that are not compatible with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D. Prepar3D is a commerical (non-entertainment) flight simulator re-built from the original FSX code and is now fully 64 bit. It’s not cheap to buy and technically not sold to private individuals. (EDIT, you declare you are a developer or student using it for academic purposes or similar )

Dovetail Sims purchased the entertainment licence & source code for FSX from Microsoft and recompiled it using newer VS .Net versions and re-released it as FSX Steam Edition. It sorted a lot of the older bugs but didn’t change the fact that the engine is basically DX9, mostly single-threaded, 32bit and cannot properly use modern GPU hardware. It doesn’t matter how powerful your PC is, you will be stuck with low frame rates and potential out-of-memory errors - especially once you start loading 3rd party aircraft and sceanery.

Dove Tail did release their own spin-off flight sim, called Flight Sim World, but did not open it up to 3rd party add ons and it was cancelled in May this year due to lack of sales.

Of the remaining general aviation and commercial flight sims for entertainment only AeroFly 2 or X-Plane 11 are the real contenders. If your money is to be speant you are probably better off spending it there, or getting a licence for Prepar3D.

If flying military aircraft is more your thing DCS World is worth investing in, although the DRM is a total PITA if you are a frequent hardware tinkerer and upgrade whore.



Couldn’t find any good ones that where free. The file sizes are pretty ridiculous for how slow download speeds are. That combined with poor performance (on current hardware) kind of killed it for me.

Dovetail Sims needs to let go of the FSX IP before the community can do anything with FSX.

It’s been long enough for me to get out of FSX and move on to X-plane/DCS. Still waiting on that Tomcat.



I think the Tomcat is now on pre-order, but I’m into DCS for the ww2 stuff so probably won’t but it unless it ever drops to $20 or so when a sale comes up.

Decent free stuff on FSX is limited. I did use some open source terrain on X-Plane 10 a while back and that worked well, apart from the file sizes that is!

Companies really should stop milking FSX now and open source or at least reduce their add ons, but there still seems to be a large number of people hanging on to it and paying top dollar.



Here’s a screenshot from 4/5 years ago using the Pacific NW ORBX demo scenery and IRIS PC9. Both of which were free to download. I ended up buying the full Pacific NW pack, california, and the IRIS PC21 (which completely killed framerates when you used the MFD’s in the cockpit)

Here’s an extrenal view from the PC21


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