Fifefox is blocking your videos!

Hey tek syndicate people, when i open a page on the tek syndicate site in firefox this happens...

This blocks the embedded youtube videos, so can you fix this or tell me how to fix this permanently (because unblocking every time is very tedious)

Click "keep unblocking," I believe it may have something to do with the https encryption on the website.

i think it does that on all of them, the site is encrypted but youtube videos arent, so it thinks that its bad content.


Same thing happens on Chrome, it's not the browser's fault.

There is always internet explorer. Hahaha

that blocks them aswell

Oh no, not my beloved IE?

Whenever I need to reinstall my browser, he has always been my trusted friend.

Firefox is my reinstaller for Chrome, Chrome is my reinstaller for Firefox. Your point is invalid.

Issue explained: