Field Audio Recording

Hey Tek Syndicate,

I'm currently developing a game with a team of 2-3 people. We've decided to do all of the sound effects ourselves rather than purchasing stock ones. We have the ability to do some foley in studio, but we need to be able to go out to interesting places (junk yards, construction sites, forests, etc) for unique sounds. I need some portable equipment than can record high quality sound on location. I currently have an XLR shotgun microphone, but I have nothing to plug it into yet. The research I've done led me to this:
Is this all I really need? Not sure if something like that can power a pro mic, though I'm not the best when it comes to audio stuff.

I know Logan is an audio guy but I'm open to suggestions from anyone. Also I would appreciate any suggestions for some interesting locations to get some cool sounds.

I grabbed one of these about a year ago after my korg unit died.

Yes buy one.. now, will be the best investment you can do. So versatile and the the range of application for it is crazy. The directional mics work a treat as well and for such a powerful unit the battery life is really good. I get a good 10hrs + out of a set of batteries for live recordings and playing live (whereas my Korg SOS would chew through a set in 3 hrs).

There is a bit of a learning curve with the navigation of certain things on it but after a couple of times its sweet as. There are some really good tutorials on youtube as well to make full use of all its features.

Yeah I cant recommend these h4n's enough they are seriously that good.

Thanks for your recommendation, sounds like it works well for you.