Fictional Battle : Shawn Spencer (Psych) vs Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Dexter travels to Santa Barbara to find his next target. A similar killer to the Trinity Killer that hunts children and leaves them in graveyards.

Dexter uses his usual methods of dispatching his victims. A syringe with tranquillizer, and the eventual stabbing in the chest in a plastic wrapped room.

Instead, due to the location, Dexter has to hide the body in a different way than dumping in the ocean. This is the one and only time that he symbolically leaves the killer out in the open, wrapped in plastic, at a cemetery.

Burt an Gus are on the case and Dexter is at Santa Barbara for the next week, enjoying the sun.

Will Sean catch him? Or will Dexter catch Sean before he can sniff out his trail? If they meet, will Dexter kill Sean, or the other way around? How does this play out...

The interesting part is, is that I think Sean can catch him, but he doesn't meet Dexters code. We've never seen Sean be in a life or death situation or a fight. We've seen Dexter bend the code to meet his survival.

How do you think this would play out? Would Dexter bend the code? Would Sean be able to mentally beat Dexter?

Shawn would figure out who dexter is and then shawns dad would just shoot him between the eyes.

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I could totally see his father looking out for him on this case. He would be warning him like he usually does. Henry would definitely be Seans guardian on this one, and if it wasn't Henry coming to him / following him, Sean would definitely seek counsel from his father on this also. So that's a very plausible way that this can play out.

I've only seen psych a few times and I've only seen the first season and the last few episodes of Dexter. So I don't have an accurate measurement of their strengths and weaknesses. So based on what limited info I have I would say Shawn would win. Dexter follows specific methods and has the added problems associated with trying to get away with something. Plus in your intro he already messed up.

Shawn also has an awesome relationship with his subconscious (that's why it will show him things) so he's already on the right track before he knows he's on it. Dexter doesn't love himself so he's destined to fail. That last part might seem weird or metaphysical but those are basic ingredients for success and like I said my data is limited on the subject.

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ah yes. we all wish we could be as witty as shawn. Psych has gotta be my favourite sitcom on television. 16 episodes a season 45 min - 1 hour each closed episodes, and they are very funny. It has a special place in my heart. But yes, Shawn would definitely see through Dexter's facade, if Doakes could do it.

This is totally Logan s sense of humour.

It's nice to know there are other philosophizer's out there.