Fiber (australia NBN)

YAY there installing fiber in my street as we speak!!

humm now how do i convince my wife to lets me upgrade....

right now we have adsl2 sold as 24 by 1 i used to get 17 by 1 but after a bad storm and a week of fighting with the tech support best i got back is 11 by 1 (best available copper pair left since my old one is broken ...)and that cost me $69.99 a month ($59.99 + $10.00 for phone bundled) for unlimited not that u can download much in a month at 11.3 Mb/s  ... 1.4MB/s max

NBN best bundle is 100 by 40 over fiber with out data cap is $89.99 a month (in reality $99.99 for a decent phone bundle)

god i miss Canada, the internet in Australia is just stupidly slow and expensive

we got endless wars to fight and boats to stop, don't got no time and money to build a world class internet infrastructure that will pay for itself many times over. what i wan't to know is what is abbott going to do about these newfangled automobiles threatening the horse and buggy industry.