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Fiat stilo, Help me find a game



Hello yet another reader,

I wonder if the Fiat stilo has been used in any racing games/sims.
I-am about to buy a 2005 Fiat stilo (3 door hatchback 6gear manual).
And instead of being unsave on a real road and putting the car, myself and others at risk i wondered if there are any racing sims with this car in it ( or one with extremely similar handeling ).

Please let me know, i’ve got a Logitech G25 with manual so that’d be fun!


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From images it looks similar to a VW Golf, just italian. Every Gran Turismo has a VW Golf in it.


@Goalkeeper I would of kept those post to remember this moment :smiley: so the title is for Aux input mod, however the post does not mention anything about it. Also it’s in Video Games sub cat.
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