Fiat 500 vs 'BMX Bandits'

FIAT = Fix It Again Tony

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One of the new Fiat 500 models can't even get up a steep hill. They were quite popular though. I guess because they are cheaper than Minis but still have that cutesy look.

A Fiat 500 is nice city car for parking, but a Smart car is better.

The Smart car is surprisingly safe for being so small. That's thanks to it's steel cage which protects the passengers.

you mean BMX right? xD

Its of course still a merc lol.

Yeah.... :P

I'll edit it now.

good job, i was a bit too lazy for that lol.

I'm actually quite impressed with that, nice! :D

Fares better than a G-Wiz in a crash test at least (table is bolted down but crash is real).

YES!!! Somebody knows the acronym woot hahaha... Fix it again tony.. Lol...

Sorry.. Had to necro for that