Fglrx, fglrx-updates breaking R9 390. Ubuntu Gnome 15.10

So, in my continuing saga from this post https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/trouble-getting-dual-monitors-to-work-in-ubuntu-gnome-15-10/97701 , I tried installing the new crimson drivers off of AMD's website (to fix the problem I was having) . Well shit broke my rig. I could have fixed that, but I just reinstalled. Hey fresh install my dual monitors is working awesome! Then I found out steam I lately having issues installing lately, thought maybe my live USB was screwed (spent a long time finding help, went screw it), so I made a new live CD (should not old live CD, now I'm straight to 15.10 without updating). Steam still screwed, found a post on Ubuntu's forums, helped another guy with the data here ( well, somebody else gave him the answer, but it was a post on arch forums and the answer was a page in, my link only had two answers and the top was right), confirmed it worked for him. Alright, at least my rig works. .

So of course ya know I assumed that installing fglrx-updates from software and updates was safe, shit broke my rig again. I should note now I can't run OS drivers because Rust isn't wanting to launch with them (worked earlier with proprietary drivers, works on my brothers rig). I should note that Rust is built in the newest version of the unity engine (surgeon simulator works though...) After yet another reinstall ( because I don't feel like playing inside of grub bootloader's shell, because of a previous attempt to fix something in it) tried just using the fglrx from software and updates. Still broke my rig. I should note, when it was broken, gnome would try to start, then it would go to a black screen, and ctrl+alt+F1 didn't even work. .

For some context, about in late September on my brothers R9 280 in installed newest drivers off of AMD's site (at the time), and around mid November fglrx-updates was working just fine for me. (until I tried installing the catalyst drivers and forayed upon this week long cruel journey.) My card is the gigbyte windforce r9 390, cpu i5-4690k, mobo msi z87 pcmate atx. I need proprietary drivers to play Rust apparently, and they've been screwing me over as of late. So if I could have help A:Rust to somehow work or more likely B: Install the fglrx drivers without killing my rig again, that would finally be nice.............

Just.. Dont bother.

Its not worth your time to try and get those drivers working, they dont work.

Use the open drivers with the xorg-edgers repo if your using ubuntu. There improving every release and hopefully well see good amdgpu support by the end of the year.

My setup was combo of ubuntu and windows but since I have had to go to windows only. I am waiting for AMDGPU in 16.04. If there was a way to easily set up multiple hard drives in arch linux I would be using amdgpu right now. I can't even play TF2 or CS:GO with my 370 let alone league at at least 25 FPS in wine. Nothing. AMD needs to get their shit together and valve as well as other companies need to throw a shit fit.

thats, what i want to do. But I want Rust to work. if only I found good guides for making it work in wine (I found lots of guys saying they made it work, no actual tutorials of what versions of wine, what tricks or such. Only found stuff for rust servers.)

I actually hope Valve goes crazy and decides to buy out AMD. That would fix their financial problems, get better linux support, and I bet AMD would still be doing that cool stuff for the good of the world (allowing making free sync available to all, eve if unused, mantle available to all, even if none used).

There are allot of problems for the 390s under Linux atm, often you must patch and compile your own mesa drivers, and then many games will just ctd anyway. AMD are working on new set of drivers but atm the 390 series is just not suitable for gaming under Linux due to lack of full support, I think things will get better once OpenGL 4.3 hits the open source drivers. That might not happen until another couple months however.

I'm just using Windows10 until Linux (I have been messing with u16.04 and experimental patches etc) gets better AMD drivers then present.

A couple games I didn't manage to get working however was WarThunder (after manual mesa compile) and XCOM.2 (needs a bit of modding to get rid of stutters). For me Warthunder however had control lag and the developers are rather slow at fixing those sort of bugs.

Some games will load up but not make it much past the Main Menu screen, lots of CTD seg faults and other anomalies in the drivers.

I have an R9 390 myself.

I disagree that the R9 390 is unsuited for gaming on Linux. Is it perfect? No. Kinda surprised you're having issues with Ubuntu, here's a good guide I follow for fglrx installs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc8s5yhylbo

Otherwise, the latest mesa drivers are quite good actually. I am on Manjaro, a rolling release, and I can play Rust just fine on the latest amd open source drivers, Gallium Nine and all that.

You can get the latest open source drivers on Ubuntu by some PPA out there, I'll try and find that.

But it has been fine for me never the less, only game that flat out doesn't work is Dying Light.

UPDATE: Here's that Ubuntu PPA I was talking about, looks to be well maintained: https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers

I was going to say xorg-edgers as they has the lastest mesa code but ive not kept up with ubutnu stuff, your link looks good also.

open drivers are the only way to go with AMD, no reason you cant use them. The binary drivers suck in my opinion, especially if you bump kernel versions.

Yeah, I'm surprised I'm having issues on Ubuntu of all things. I tried that video, however for some reason the dependencies for building a package were broken when I tried it on the Ubuntu software center.

And you play rust just fine. Oh, then I was wrong it being the OS drivers. But maybe it does have to do with Ubuntu not giving me the absolute latest.

Side note: Nobody here stated that the 390 was unsuited for Linux gaming.

Yeah, using fglrx with a rolling release is nearly impossible, already somewhat troublesome on cycled releases with Ubuntu.

But yeah, the open source drivers really are good, and truly impressive for what they've accomplished.

Don't wanna get in a flame war, but Riddick did in his last post.

If things are broken, you probably have to do a clean reinstall, or just spend some time trying to figure it out. Your call.

The open source drivers from the PPA I linked above SHOULD work depsite those issues.

I don't use FGLRX as its depreciated and lets face it, their crap anyway unless you want to stick to older games and older distros. I know all about the OSS PPA(s) don't try to educate me about AMD drivers please, you have no idea. Also load up warthunder ark or arma3 for me with the OSS then come back and talk. (betting you play NOTHING I play).

That makes sense, in fact their next official drive release this summer will heavily be borrowing from AMDGPU, not their previous works with catalyst.

The Mesa drivers are great, and their rate of increase this past 6 months is staggering.

War Thunder works for me, don't know what Ark is, and I don't have Arma 3 installed. I'll install it and try it. Arma 3 is poorly supported by the dev team anyway.

CS:GO at 4k works great, Witcher 2 at 4k works great, Dota 2, Garry's Mod, Torchlight, Shadow of Mordor is equally bad like it is with FGLRX, Metro: Last Light etc.

I agree, Windows is still overall the best if you want to game, purely because of drivers. But some games truly work great, and it's open source.

ARMA3 Linux just received 1.54 patch, it performs good even on FGLRX, but I don't use that (plus they no longer work under 16.04 ubuntu anyway).

I can get Warthunder working if I manually compile my MESA drivers, since that is what your doing under ARCH then its expected it should work for you (still not great performance when compared to NVIDIA or Windows).

ARK crashes after I attempt to load a custom world for single player testing. There is Savage Lands, StarDrive 2 and Dying Light that CTD upon loading main menu, and a few others but those last ones I don't play much if at all (I would like to however).

I do have Witcher 2, I would assume it to work since its quite old, much like how Shadow Warrior works (however SW has an annoying icon glitch for menus, not terrible but is odd).

EDIT: If those games I mentioned above don't CTD for you then perhaps I should give Manjaro another try. Wish everyone would get wayland working so we can have some unification among all these desktop environments, I have gotten use to Gnome applications and functions.

PS. When you say Rolling Release, you actually mean 16.06 testing release of Manjaro? and do you use the KDE build?

Oh riddick did state his opinions as such. Anyhow, im off to try that repo you suggested.

Dying Light as I mentioned before black screens with sound, but I haven't actively tried to fix it.

I just installed Manjaro 15.12 KDE, used the kernel manager to switch to 4.5-RC(7 at the moment) and then updated everything, so I'm now up to date with the rolling.

Mesa was installed by default, so I did not have to compile anything, so when 11.2 comes out, I just need to download it and I'm good.

I personally like Manjaro a lot in general. And yes I am using KDE.

Ok, I may give it a try, but if you can. Could you try Savage Lands and Star Drive 2, or even ARK? first 2 are pretty cheap. I read in the ARK forums of people getting it working on the radeon driver but they didn't have a 390 series from memory, seems allot of people with fewer issues as me have the older cards...

PS. Mesa 11.2 and Kernel4.5 should be out this week, which is good. I don't think AMDGPU is going to be ready until 4.6/4.7 unfortunately!

I'll see what I can do.

I've heard 4.6, so hopefully we'll get some release candidates for 4.6 soon.

While I get warthunder working it has a epic graphics bug for oss amd drivers atm where fog is rendered as opaque texture and impossible to fly on maps with fog. Think it happens for intel users also, I doubt it happens for NVIDIA cards since the game is pro nvidia (they hate AMD).

ARMA3 will work provided you avoid spawning anywhere near a island (spawn in ocean far out or in VR).

Funny article on Gaming on Linux, Guy says he gave up on fglrwhatever.
When you spend 200 plus on a gpu you have every right to demand better

Money quote: In my own systems that run on APUs, gaming is sadly impossible for the moment on the open source drivers, but hopefully things will start to change on that front in the coming months.

As always with Linux you can install it yourself, but it will probably be a nightmare in this case. I gave up after many attempts, but best of luck too you though if that is your plan, I hope you're familiar with the rescue terminal.

At least I don't feel bad giving up on my 7850k, best of luck