Few questions about networking

I'm not sure if this was asked here before, but here I go.(sorry in advance)


1. I'm trying to set up a shielded/segregated network with 2 routers that would have 2 different hotspots, and the inner network would be password protected and not connected to the outer router network.


1st network is only a open hotspot with the ISP modem  in and Lan cable out to the 2nd router  for internet.

2nd network has 3 PC's connected and a password protected wifi for personal use. I'm having trouble setting up internet access on the 2nd router, help wanted :)


2. Also I'd like to set up some kind of sign in page for the open wifi like you see in hotels and similar commercial spots. If I could just get rid of the shielded network with a Free wifi login and u/n and password login for personal use, that would segregate the free wifi users from my personal devices that would be great.


Thanx for the help 

Simplest thing to do would be to set the WAN interface on the second router to DHCP mode and it should just pick up an IP from the first router. You need to make sure that the two routers are on different subnets, so for example the first router could be with subnet mask and the second could be with

An alternative solution would be to install something like openwrt on one of the routers which will allow you to create two vlans and multiple SSIDs (wireless networks) connected to each of the VLANs. Then you can have one open and one pass word protected and have the firewall block traffic between the two.

The log in page you're talking about is called a captive portal, using something like openwrt will allow you to set one up on the router if your router doesn't support it.

Thanx will look into that, although I don't think my current setup can use openWRT