Few Questions about Bitcoin mining

I just got into Bitcoin mining, and I'm a bit of a noob, and I'm kinda wondering about some stuff.


1. Is 198 to 201 Mhash/s any good? That's what I'm getting right now on my 6850.


2. I'm currently in Slush's Pool, and I'm confused on this whole round thing. How long do they take, and when will my estmanted reward go to unconfirmed, and then confirmed.


3. This is sort of related to Bitcoins, my GPU get's to about 68 C when mining, which I suppose is fine, but I don't want it to like burst into flames if I leave my computer on all night. Is there any sort of program that will monitor my GPU's tempature, and immediatly shut my computer down as a fail safe?


4. Are Bitcoin auction sites like Bitmit trustable?


I hope someone can answer these questions, I'd like to joing the Tek Syndicate pool evetually...after I get enough BTC for Tomb Raider. :P


1. Not that great for your card. My 6970 pulls around 270Avg on a minor overclock. Overclocked even further can almost get around 300 but goes unstable. Look up your graphics card on the bitcoin mining hardware comparison and see what overclock is working best for some people because that card should get around 250-260

2. i used to be in slushs pool a long time ago. it takes a few hours at the most a day. Im not really a fan of slushs pool because there are so many people in it you barely make any reward. then again the diffuculty is so high for bitcoin now with consumer grade hardware your barely gonna get anything anyway. the only reason i mine bitcoin now is for tek syndicate bitcoin pool

3. Well i have never heard of a program like that. I know of programs that will adjust your fan depending on your temps such as MSI afterburner but you might have to google around for something that would actually turn it off. But you should not have to worry to much about 68 celcius i leave my computer mining all night anyway with those temps and never had a problem.

4. Never heard of it. Use either btc-e.com or mtgox.com for trading bitcoins

Btw if you wanna make profit i suggest doing litecoin not bitcoin. If your gonna support tek use bitcoin. trying to make a profit with hardware such as 6850 and 6870 in my case will take months maybe even years and the power costs your not gonna see any profit with bitcoins unless you have like 2 7870s or higher.