Few light services on raspberry Pi,DNS,Dhcp,radius and print server

Okies , here's the long story.I rebuilding my network setup in a rack,I have 3u space left and not many watts left on ups.so I need a redundant and reliable solution for small home network/ home lab.I have 6 RPi 3,I would like to know if there is anyway to run these services in a redundant way on a cluster of RPi 3. Does RPi 3 have enough power and ram to do this? Or maybe the LAN side of pi is a problem? Most of the network is going to be 10gbe.Or should I get something with more horsepower,better NIC and more ram in mini PC size and use 2 or 3 in some sort of failover setup in 1u case .

For the redundancy I can only say yes for DNS, you can set them up to take over for each other.
And yes a raspberry 1 was already good enough to do those services - as long as your not having 100ts of clients

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