Few issues to sort out

I'm looking to start using (Manjaro) Linux as my daily driver on my laptop(thinkpad s230u). The hardware seems to be particularly Linux un-friendly and there's a ton of issues I have to sort out. I managed to squash a few of them on my own, but there are a few that I just cannot figure out, even with google. These are the two biggest problems hindering me from using Linux exclusively on this laptop.

  • Strange keyboard/trackpad behavior
  • suspension being interrupted.

First of all, the keyboard. This issue has been present in every single distro that I have tried on this laptop, and seems to be simply ingrained in the hardware somehow. For whatever reason, every time that I boot up this computer, the keyboard and trackpad are totally unresponsive, the only way that I can control the computer is via the touchscreen. If I use the touchscreen to tap on "restart" the laptop will boot up and they will both work fine, but the next time I power down, the same issue will come back. I suppose this is only a minor inconvenience, since the keyboard works just fine after restarting, but it is more than doubling my boot time, which is never fun.

The second issue -- Suspension.
Unlike the keyboard issue, which is reliable as clockwork, this one is hard to pin down. It seems that sometimes this laptop will instantly wake itself up after going to sleep. It isn't doing it now, but many times I close the lid, and see that the power light is in its blinking(suspended) state and then immediately goes back to being solid (awake). This can also occur when pressing the suspend button on the xfce whisker menu.

Any help I can get to diagnose/fix these problems is greatly appreciated.

I should clarify that the trackpad/keyboard issue only applies to the built in keyboard and trackpad. Using a usb keyboard/mouse works just fine without restarting.

It could be related to Manjaro being an arch flavour, and having tried arch, configuration of the keyboard and touchscreen parts can be tricky. I havent tried manjaro, but i am thinking the distro skips the configuration necessary in an arch install. This helped a while ago https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchscreen

The same could be the case for the keyboard and x not saving the configuration profile.

if you know what the drivers for your keyboard/mouse are, you could try making a daemon to load them

How exactly would I go about doing that?

Would that require me to just make a simple little script to load the drivers, or is it more involved?