Fermi in one sentence

flame suit on!

Nvidia is 6 months too late and $100 too expensive.

+1 if you're talking about the 480

470 is good though

This thread in one sentence;
Giant piece of shit that is sure end in hard feelings, angry people, and a moderator doing his job.

You are denying the fact that 400 series is 6 months later than the 5000 series and is the same performance for $100 more?

I'm not the only one saying that the reviews are too.

Agreed. I'm no fanboi of either side, but the Fermi isn't quite what it should have been. Maybe if it was released a few months ago.

Well Fermi does lay slightly ahead of the 5870. Just wait for mature drivers to come out and re-look at the reviews. Things WILL change with time.

also, the flagship is probably going to be the GTX490 with 512cores.

Of course the Fermi is late, and of course it's a bit less performance than I'd have liked. But it's still a huge leap forward in terms of compatibility, and programability.

I think your full of BS.

The 5970 (around my area anyways) is the same price or MORE then the GTX480 everywhere I see it. Its even more on Newegg by hundreds of dollars. The GTX480 on newegg is $499 while the HD4970 is listed at $699! Thats the cheapest HD5970 I could fine on newegg too! Not to mention the GTX480 is about the same as the HD5970 but with much more stable fps. It stays much higher then the HD5970 at many different parts of the Unigine Heaven Benchmark. I also guarantee you that within 2 months much better drivers will come out and will blow the HD5970 out of the water! Its just a matter of time. People say the Fermi is a piece of shit and that its a failure. Well its not. And it will prove itself.


You're comparing a DUAL GPU card to a SINGLE GPU card... That is why you fail.

470 competes with the 5850.
480 competes with the 5870.

From what ive seen the 480 is on par with the 5970...

It's not.

??? Its not? God damn fake benchmarks on google.
Well, that means its $100 more then the 5870 and only slightly better.
Well...I would still buy it over ATI.

Ditto, Its 10-20% better.

Hmm wondering how well this thing could clock on water
Especially after seeing the ad on one of asus' boxes; "volt mod - 50% faster!"

This is what you call a fan boy ladies and gentlemen.

To sum things up "in classes":

5850 and GTX470

5870 and GTX480, although the GTX480 performs around 15-20% better, it's still same class because of the price/power consumption/
(Wild guess; I think GTX480 will reach heights of the 5970 if overclocked and volt modded (watercooling needed)

5970 - and GTX 480 in some cases.

480 definately kicks azz.

No, this is what you call someone who wants his shit to work, instead of wasting performance cause the developers don't know how to make fucking drivers.

the gaps will probably widen as the cards drivers mature but as it stands i honestly would probably get a 5870... the gtx 470 is still tempting but idk

I am an nvidia user so dont think I'm some flaming ati fanboy.

I am aware of the shitty ati drivers but when it comes to my wallet and what I can afford as of now nVidia is too expensive
for price performance.

I would gladly have a 470 over a 5850 but if I can get the same performance for $100 less why not?

Exactly, ive had no problem with my Nvidia cards and drivers. But ATI SUCKS!