Fermi cards performance on windows 10

does anyone know the performance figures regarding fermi based gpus with windows 10 in gaming and sli especially? also how is the ram and cpu usage on windows 10, i just want to know if i should upgrade when its released.

Well Fermi is the oldest gpu to support DX12, so from that standpoint are you going to see gains? Yes

Are you going to see gains straight away and across all programs? I highly doubt it. There is going to be a delay between dx12 adoption and relevant patches and program updates.

well im not even really asking about gains, but rather losses. As long as it doesnt under perform im fine with it.

there are no magic gains or terrible loses for any gpu's there...
Some preform better but most of time they preform worse. (5-10fps in losses or gains depending on engine)

and here's comparison of actual system performance

so ill lose 5 to 10 fps?

in some cases, in others you will gain them.

I ran a GTX 465 in WIndows 10 and Windows 7. Max FPS in War Thunder (High preset) on Windows 10 went down but minimum FPS went up. ARMA 3 stayed right around the same, maybe a little bit of stuttering in Windows 10 but it wasn't dropping below 25 FPS. Skyrim maxed out stayed about the same, 50+ FPS was easy to sustain in both OS's.

So at 1080p the difference between the two OS's is minimal. ARMA 3 was the only game I saw any significant difference in stability of gameplay. War Thunder performed worse on average, but the minimum FPS increased.

Here's the War Thunder benchmark results:

Win10 - War Thunder, Eastern Front, High 4x AA:

  • Minimum - 33 FPS
  • Average - 41 FPS
  • Maximum - 79 FPS

Win7 - War Thunder, Eastern Front, High 4x AA:

  • Minimum - 26 FPS
  • Average - 44 FPS
  • Maximum - 82 FPS

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:D ; fermi really kicked ass. But they went under minus revenue for year after release.

Fermi was horrible. It was late, expensive, had shitty VRAM utilization, horrible SLI scaling, and ran hotter than a white dwarf. The GTX 580 ALMOST made up for all the other cards. Almost.

Oh and nVidia spent 8 months LYING to people about how far Fermi was from release, even going as far as to chop prototype PCBs in half, screw a plastic shroud on with deck screws, and then show dead chips at major events claiming they'd unlocked the secrets of 40nm, which given the GTX 480 being cut down on final release was not true.