Feral Port Linux Games on OpenSUSE issues

Hey everyone.

I'm currently running OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, and am running into an issue running Feral Interactive ports on Linux.

Feral games have that launcher where you can setup display and such, and I think there is a dependency issue or something. I ran into this a few weeks ago but didnt give it any thought.

I was just on an Arch machine playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and it was fine.

Other games like CS:GO, Rocket League etc run just fine. Just not Feral ports.

I have the 375.10 Nvidia driver installed. Thanks for any help!

EDIT: I'm asking here because Feral only offers support on Ubuntu and SteamOS.

Well, how do the issues manifest?
If you're not getting an error message clicking on a menu entry, you can try running the corresponding executable from terminal and see what error it returns.

Several things were really weird.

Some of the time, when launching Steam, I'd get an error saying it can't find anything in the $DISPLAY variable, so it thought X wasn't running or something.

Once I fixed that, whenever launching a game, I'd hit 'launch' on Feral games then it just sit and do nothing.

I came back later, then all of my games weren't launching, like Rocket League, where it was before.

So I decided to give Solus another shot, and Steam has been working very nicely on there.

Are you using BTRFS for your file system?

If so, just use EXT4 and it should be fine.

I am using tumbleweed with a GTX 970 and the latest Nvidia drivers and deusx works fine.

I switched the proposal in the installation to use EXT4 for home and root.

The manual driver install worked fine on my 1070, but some of these issues start coming about. Feel like there is something else going on, or I'm being dumb, lol.

Run the nvidia driver again.

This time make sure that you install the 32 bit libraries and that you are not using wayland or any weird extra bit of software.

What DE are you using?

And FYI, I can promise you that this is not an opensuse problem. I think something is borked with your install.

I have, and after a fresh OpenSUSE TW install, a second install always fixes it, at least temporarily. It seems like the 32-bit libraries install without a problem.

I've only tested KDE Plasma 5.8 with this situation.

But I have had this with both the vanilla OpenSUSE TW distro and the Gecko Linux Rolling spin.

Mmm. I see.

This is 1000000% anecdotal, but I always have issues with KDE. I get poor frame rates in games, I get high audio latency, and then packages just randomly break.

Now if you run KDE with lightdm or even gdm, things seem to be better. I have no idea why. If anything, things should be worse, but the system becomes much more stable.

I know its not really your first choice, but you could install gnome or even the bungie DE and see if that does not fix your issue somewhat.

output the error log...

Very possible. I have a bug in SDDM that the computer freezes if the monitor is off and has been ianctive for some time, so I can't log back in.

I'll install OpenSUSE again soon and try Budgie as you suggested.

Hello, did you find a solution? because I can't pass the launcher for deus ex MD, I am on ubuntu, thank you.