Feral Interactive to Port the following games to Linux

According to GamingonLinux.com, Feral Interactive is porting:

  • Shadow of Mordor
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • GRID Autosport
  • Company of Heroes 2

to Linux.
Considering the smashing good job they did on XCOM, I can not wait to see what these ports are like. And one of the devs posted about how they are going to use OpenGL 4.2 -- 4.5!!

hmm it'll be interesting with Shadow of Mordor in OpenGL...

OpenGL 4.5 is comparable to DX11.1/11.2. All the same features except I believe OGL Might be better optimized. Especially since it has the Kronos Group behind it.

:) thats why it's going to be interesting, but it would be better if they ported it straight to vulcan.

Then Linux would have bleeding edge over windows.

Based on how Vulcan looks code base wise, I would guess that it would be built in and all they would have to do is flip a "switch" in the code to have it run through Vulcan. Perhaps, if the person does not have Vulcan on their machine, it will switch to OpenGL instead and if there is Vulcan, it will render through Vulcan.

this is really interesting...

Would be keen if the Dark Souls series was ported to Linux.