Females and Gaming

Now this is a rewrite of something I just posted, a more structured piece and discussion.

So I see this a lot amongst females on twitch and their audience, which seem to mostly be boys, now when I say boys I do not mean the term of a Young Man, I mean the term of childish teenagers, although this could be also linked to adults, to not stereotype and to also say that it not aimed at all people, just what you seem to get more coverage than the actual ones who enjoy the content posted.

Now this is a very grey area, and trying not to upset someone can be difficult, which is why I am trying to aim it at what I feel is a more grown up crowd, I feel that here on tek, we are rather grown up and that we don't argue but discuss, although arguements have kicked off over points of view, more heated discussions.

So lets begin.

It would seem on social media, such as Twitch and Youtube, that females can easily become "Internet Famous", and gain a following easily, this can be split into two groups, the actual fans who enjoy the content, and the fans of fapping over the presenter, and we all know that famous people have these groups, its same with One Direction and young girls, some fancy the pants off them, some generally like what they call music, again all opinionated.

What strikes me is this, I have watched a few females streams to get a bit of backgrounds, and I have seen both sides in the chat, there are boys that are saying "Oh get ready, boobs" or something along them lines, while there are some people that watch the content and actually attempt to interact with the host in a honest and genuine way, not because they find their presenter attractive, which they may, but not to the extent that they would post something that one may find offensive.

Now I do not have a problem with girls and gaming, I heavily encourage it, I even attempt this with my girlfriend, they can provide some content that can be more enjoyable to watch than some males can, without a webcam, and sometimes seem to enjoy the game more than the males do, you will also find that girls who would not seem to play games, that are all into their make up and what ever else they do, also enjoy games, they maybe embarrassed to show that side because of the stereotyping that goes on, which I find to be bullshit, and possibly because males may feel threatened by their supposed dominance if they lost in a game, just as they would if they lost a fight with a female.

But back to my point, why would a girl expose her self in such a way, to put it, not expose as in be pure naked on camera, but have cleavage or something on display to attract viewers, it has happened, it used to be an issue with big videos on youtube, where a reply about nonsence would appear so they can leech off a persons success, is it money? fame? attention?

But also my question is this, Why should they feel that they have to do that? if their content is at all engaging, why should they need to display parts of their body? if they are actually any good at entertainment surely they could sustain and audience, and a lot can do easily, but it is these few that just do it for the attention from boys or maybe even other females.

Now I do not know if what I am trying to say will reach you in the same way I am trying to explain my self, so I will put it this way to try aid my post, I am not trying to insult or upset anyone by saying males are better than females or anything, because that is simply not true, females can and sometimes do, become better than males.

But it just seems that this stereotyping of women and gaming wont stop until women accept that it is okay to say they play games, and stop caring about looks and push their personality and presentation skills, that is what engage a loyal audience, not boobs, that just engages a boy to be even more childish and possibly upset someone.

But the same goes for boys, and I don't think that for ever side it will stop, because of hormones and for some, the desire to be wanted and to be in the lime light.


What are your thoughts?

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Way to solve this, No gender on the internet.

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Yeah but that cant happen really, be rather weird if it did though, robots?

I am talking about the old 4chan "there are no girls on the internet" Not in a discriminatory way but in a way that gender just shouldn't be an issue.

I hate it when a Female mics up in TF2 and then some idiot tries to hit on her. Normally I give the Female ideas to troll the guy to teach him a lesson.

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See that should be done more often haha, getting their own back, I bet they dont come back :), gets rid of the fake fans

I think it's just a problem with too many guys being immature. Not much you can do besides ignore it.


call me a loyal subscriber, yeee haw!

I find that the people saying these things to women are also the ones who say words like f_g, co__s___er and all that stuff.  They are simply trolls and do it to every gender.  But I see what you are saying.  Some woman on youtube even have their cleavage shot as the image of the video.  It will never stop unfortunately.  I honestly believe it will simply get worse.  

everyone is a god damned newfag\

and op, what is this you have against boobs?

i don't get it. you're upset with women* "objectifying" themselves on Twitch? don't be. it's the internet equivalent of a slut-walk, i.e. as long as they do it to themselves it's empowerment and not objectifying. at least this is my understanding of feminist ideology / Political-Correctness culture... not that i ascribe to either.

the end result is cleavage, so what's the problem?


* Is it still PC to use the word "women" instead of "females"? I'm not up to date with what is appropriate.

It's the lack of social skills in relation to these 'online troll-boys' in general, and their regard to the female game-host / presenter (who probably possesses better computech than they possess)

To be fair, if I have the option of hearing a review from a woman or a man, I will almost always listen to the man.  So I guess in our f'ed up society, they kind of have to in order to compete.  


I always thought of it as an easy way for them to make money. Play games and just show a little cleavage? Sounds easy enough... Maybe somewhere along the way they realized they actually enjoy what they are doing, but can't stop the cleavage because of the money it brings?

I dunno that's just how I have always thought about it. 

but, but, but, 

*cries himself to sleep*

Even if they are making money on it.  Would you have watched it without the sex appeal?  When if comes to tech hardware and software, are you going to choose a man or a woman?  It really is the only weapon they have to get your attention in most cases.  And then once you see they actually know their shit, you will come back.

If you care that they call you names, then they will continue to call you names. That is just how it works. Does that mean that it is ok? Of course not. That is just the way that life is. For example, if you leave your car unlocked in a bad neighborhood, it will likely get stolen. That doesn't mean that it is ok. It just means that it happens. You want to keep your car from being stolen? Don't leave it in bad neighborhoods, or lock it. You want to be in the bad neighborhood (gaming), then you will just have to lock your car all the time (stop caring). Easy prey is the target, so don't give them any.

Her reviews are pretty damn good. Good on her, man.

I watched some her Case reviews I like that she shows custom water loops in the cases. I will be subscribing. 

As far as name calling and criticisms go, it is not gender bias.  The people that say inappropriate things are just saying what first comes to mind.  If it was a man, they would insult his manhood.  You are f'ed no matter what. Just look at this site.  Their videos get the same kind of trolling.  It is unavoidable anymore.  You put something on the internet, it will be ripped apart and criticised.  Weak people get false strength by finding fault in others.  

Why do they do it? Because some want and like do show off their skin, while some use it as a tactic to attract, and some used it as a tactic and then found themselves to enjoy showing off their bodies and skin and moved onto doing it, and there are other reasons and kinds. It differs from individual to individual. It is called human individualism, and hormones are but a tiny little spec of dust in the complex mountain of the intricacies of human nature and individualism to rationalize it.

The biggest mistake you can make is inflate the ego and self-importance by projecting yourself as a representative of your gender, or attributing the same thing to those female individuals, or thinking that a gender or imaginary characters are representative of you. This is arrogant and may lead to thought policing.

Suffice to say, whatever the reason they have for doing it is their reason and their own, and we have no right to thought police them for it, just like this Internet feminism has no right to thought police developers and artists over how they will arrange 0s and 1s to make an imaginary female model or scientists on what t-shirts they dress in.


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