Female Crossing lights - Australia

I had to share with L1

So recently (yesterday) this big thing about in Melbourne (Melb'n Not Melborn) we now have female crossing light, a Commitee want equal male and female representation by replacing half of the crossing light with a picture of Mary Poppins

So today us Australian have been enjoying some memes

One of out Senators:

Does that mean that only women are allowed to cross at those intersections? Or is it an indication of the required dress code for the other side of the road?

It's good to know at least that the country is doing so well and we have literally nothing else to concern ourselves with, keep up the good work government.


It's fine for men too, as long as they have a mullet and are wearing a kilt

people trip over the pettiest shit on both sides of the spectrum I swear.

who gives a goddamn about that the crossing lights look like

Also, expect this thread to get locked by the mods for being political.


Well now that they've decided that the original ones represent a man and not a person, I'm going to go with a lot of people are going to give a goddamn. They're going to have to set up a giant LCD panel at every intersection to show every possible permutation of person who can cross, you know, rather than just a symbol which represents a person.



It's an impressive level of petty. Can't wait for the feminists to complain about the way they've represented the female symbol.

Pushing into politics.

Can't see anything constructive coming from this thread.