Feeling that console dislike once again

Today my son called and told me his Xbox Live had run out and I told him to use my account. Yeah it isn't that expensive but you have to pay it all at once and when you are suddenly in a different financial situation with no buy now pay later well it sucks. Also the price going up makes it worse. Oh and them not having it where you just pay per month at a rate that is not higher than the yearly rate really is a money grab by them. A reason to dislike console gaming.

Now with the PS4 Slim I have .....

Well I ran into not being able to play a game and had to delete a demo because I ran out of room already. Games that are 40 GB and more just killing the storage. 500 GB is not enough.

PC Master Race is something said for very good reasons.


Yeah, subscription services are taking over everything nowadays - PC's aren't free of that either, sadly. SaaS also stinks, although in some cases if you are making money from the use of the software at least it pays for itself. Thats where I think open source tools can really compete and shine.

If you are in a position to financially support the project you do knowing that you really will get something out of it since the money will actually go towards developing the actual software itself, hence I'm happy to support blender and krita far more than any commercial alternative, although in some cases there just isn't any open source alternative, for an example Substance Designer/Painter or Marvelous Designer.

And coming back to games, yeah I don't buy nor play any games that require a subscription. A time waster that doesn't even produce a profit is something I'm not willing to pay for a recurring fee.

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Yeah, the reason being a joke in the negative light. Basically it was ment as an insult.

But I understand what you mean. The inability to upgrade hardware is always going to hold consoles back and basically sells the next generation of consoles.
With the current gaming landscape being what it is, I personally don't really see any reason, aside from a couple exclusive titles, to buy anything else, than a PC and a Nintendo console.
Backwards compatibility is a non issue on PC and Nintendo is the only manufacturer that allows backwards compatibility in the console world. Or at least will be, if they have released virtual console on the switch...

Well, it is an issue however it is one with some solutions, such as compatibility wrappers/layers and if need be emulation.

Hamburger Helper and an APU are a parents best friend :slight_smile:

Her APU build is 2 years old and she just got a 1060, the Xbox 360 she uses for netflix