Feedback on my build

Hey guys!

I want to build a very very quiet but powerful gaming rig (no video rendering) and overclock it a bit (10-20 %). I am not an expert and I would love to hear your feedback.

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K (because of the reviews and feedback from the community, I want to overclock it to 4 - 4.2 GHz.

CPU Cooling: Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H60 (again based on reviews; but I also read in some of the reviews, that the stock radiator fan is far too noisy and should be changed to more quiet one. I found the silent NOCTUA NF-S12B ULN - but I am not sure if it even goes physically together, and if this one is enough to cool the H60 radiator, can anyone let me know?)

Case: FRACTAL Define R3 Black Pearl USB 3.0 (great reviews + I am looking for the most noise-reducing case)

Motherboard: ASUS RAMPAGE IV FORMULA (great reviews, good for overclocking but not as expensive as EXTREME version. I want my motherboard to be future-proof, but I find even the formula version maybe a bit too expensive for my needs - what do you think guys? Should I get something cheaper?)

GPU: ASUS GTX680-DC2T-2GD5 (factory overclocked, with the special cooling) is it possible to overclock it even more (10-15 %) or is the factory overclock the safe maximum? Do you know if the "special cooling" is silent enough (less than 20 dB) do you have any other silent cards with similar performance for me?)

PSU: Seasonic X-660 80Plus Gold 660W Retail (Excellent reviews, hopefully future proof. My biggest question is, whether the 660W are enough for a safe, long term usage? Can I add another 680GTX in the future?)

RAM:  Corsair 16GB KIT DDR3 1866MHz CL9 Vengeance (Good reviews. Is it possible to overclock them 10 - 15 %? Btw, is it better to use 4x4 GB or 2x8 GB and why?

HDD: SSD OCZ Vertex 3 Series 120GB (great reviews, I have my old HDDs for storage)

So guys, what do you think? Please give me some feedback.




why on the motherboard u go with the iv and not the v. the v formula is cheaper, and has better overclocking, and a new sound system.

1) I didnt know there was formula V :)

2) The formula V is only for AMD right?

Here you go:

The rig is awesome. Really fast and silent. H100 and GTX 670 coming next month to complete the build. Highly recommended!

no it has z77 chipset and is for intel

according to my research, the Maximus V is a z77 chipset, crosshair formula V is only for AMD CPUs, but it supports SLi.

I dunno, the rig you suggest looks nice, but I believe it does not provide the same performance as mine....just guessing from the specs though

You can always go for a higher-end motherboard and full-size ATX. But as long as you're not going for extreme overclocking, extreme-end motherboards are a waste of money.

The system(s - built two of them) runs really well. One of them have a GTX670 in it already, stock CPU speed, and it ran though Unigine Heaven Benchmark (DX11 all extreme) like a charm. It's a great system if you want to keep the physical size relatively small.

As for CPU overclocking (Ivy Bridge overheat ect.) shouldn't be a problem if you're keeping it under 4.6GHz.

It's really up to you! I'm just suggesting :)