Feed the Beast

Anyone into Feed the Beast using Direwolf20's pack? Started playing along with Direwolf for his 8th season and would love to find a good server to join.

I played back in 1.7.10, but that was many months ago.

If there's enough interest (5+ people), I'd be willing to host a private server (whitelisted), and keep it online, as long as people are actually playing on it.

EDIT: I'm in Toronto, Canada

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I'd be down for playing on it, so count me in if that happens.

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I could host one in europe if you're all in NA (I actually already am, but we never play on it q_q). When (IF) qcraft gets released for 1.10.2, we could connect the servers without any additional hoops too.


I'd most certainly join up. Right now I'm just mimicking Direwolf20's LP for season 8 so joining a server and applying the stuff I'm learning would be pretty neat.

Actually Additions is a pretty neat mod so far. I prefer it over EnderIO in some cases. Dat canola oil power gen tho XD

I'm in. I don't currently have a lot of time, but I'd be down to play when I get the time.

Count me in, who isn't down for modded minecraft? :-)

Including myself and yourself we are just about at 5. What do you think? I've never hosted a server so idk if it's going to be worth it for you unless you're really into the game. Is it a burden to host something like that?

I could be keen, but I too have very little free time and that which I do have I'm trying to spend enjoying summer. Which nicely brings me to my next issue, I'm in nz so not sure if ping will make it unplayable.

@fruitbrut @AK_Encryptor @SgtAwesomesauce @ComputerChemist

What FTB modpack would you guys like? Agree on one, and ill host it, but keep it whitelisted so people will have to go through me before being able to join.

I have a FTB Infinity 1.7.10 v2.5 which has like 2 quarry's and is at the beginning of Applied Energistics, with lots of items. I can load up that world for you guys to play on, or I can start a new world. That's something you guys gotta agree on as well.

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I'm open to mod packs. Since I've really only played on the Direwolf mod packs (I'm on the most current one now) I'd like that one. A new map would good too. Feedback from anyone?

I honestly don't care too much, I like Direwolf's stuff, Infinity was one I was interested.

I say we do a new world.

@fruitbrut I'm quite agnostic to it.

What do people think about skyfactory? Could be fun to try and fit 6 people on a tiny island, but I haven't tried it yet.

I wouldn't mind joining as well if possible.

@SgtAwesomesauce I'll checked out Skyfactory just now. It's one of those mod packs that starts with you nearly nothing but a tree and a very small area of blocks, right? I think that's something that would work better after we find folks who will play regularly on the server. So I say no, for now but am totally open it if folks keep playing for a while.

After comparing the mods in each pack I'm surprised to see many mods omitted from the most recent Direwolf20 pack. I mean, it's missing Thaumcraft and Thermal Expansion. These have been staples for a long time. I do like the inclusion of Acctually Additions, though.

Infinity looks like the better choice for a server. Plus it has logistics pipes! Have not messed with that in a long time! I think I'll go with Infinity instead.

@Crabbpower +1 :)

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Sounds good. I don't really have the time to research which packs have what right now, so I'll defer to you. I'll definitely play though.

EDIT: Also, I've got a friend who's not on the forum who may want to join, @TheAlmightyBaconLord is he going to have to make an account here, or is my vouch good enough for a whitelist inclusion?

After reading through the modlist of Infinity that sounds like a great one to me, I typically am only a new type of player, as in, I don't know that much about the mods other than the basic Tekkit/Hexxit/etc....

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I was sold on Infinity once I saw it had logistics pipes. Seeing a quarry move stuff through well placed logistics pipes is awesome.

My only issue is that I don't think it's running on a more recent version of Minecraft...I wonder how up to date the mods are in it.


From what I can see, it's 1.7 or there's a "lite" version on 1.10.

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@SgtAwesomesauce The more I look into mod packs, the more I start changing my mind. Does anyone have a preference for MC 1.7 or 1.10 mods?

After playing on Direwolf20's pack for the last couple weeks, everything is on MC 1.10 and the mods in that pack have been improved since the MC 1.7 days. Tinker's Construct is a really good example of taking a great mod and really making it top notch. Going back to MC 1.7 mods seems like losing a leg...

Looks like I may change my mind again since Infinity Evolved isn't 1.10. After looking at Infinity Lite, it's definitely missing some nice mods.

FTB came out with the Hermitcraft mod pack, which is 1.10 and has most of the updated mods that everyone knows and loves. Plus Actually Additions that has a really nice laser energy and item transport system.

TL:DR IMO MC 1.10 mods are better so we should choose a 1.10 pack like Direwolf20, Hermitcraft, Crackpack (so far the pack with the most mods I've seen for 1.10) - I switched to Hermitcraft - What do you guys think?

I'd be down for either. Like I said, I'm pretty agnostic on it. I just prefer to have tinkers, thermal expansion and AE2. Aside from that, I should be good with anything.