Fedora WS Boot Options/Installation

So I'm not a heavy Linux user and I'm having some annoying issues trying to get Fedora working with my single drive legacy multi-booting testing setup. I was wondering if there's a way that I can change the installation method for how Fedora boots and/or where the booting bit is installed to. Is it possible to use/install GRUB over a Windows bootloader?

so the question is : How can I set up a dual boot environment with Fedora 25?

  1. To do a dual boot installation you first have to make space available on your Hard drive, If you have not done so already you need to go to Disk Management in Windows and shrink your Windows partition to allow for enough space for the Fedora install.

  2. Use the LiveUsb to boot into Fedora and proceed to install. Using the Fedora installer you can the choose to manual configure the install or let it do it for you. Fedora will recognize that you have a windows install and set up GRUB for you.

  3. After you've done the install, shutdown the machine and you wil be presented with a GRUB screen to choose which OS you want to boot to.

The end

I know how to dual boot Windows and Fedora. That's not my question.

Could you clarify your question?

This is a bit confusing... Do you want GRUB installed in a specific place then?

I think so. What's going on it that I'm using a multi-boot Hackintosh setup for legacy and it can't detect Linux after a successful installation so I think I need to move Linux in some way for it to recognize as a boot option. I just don't know what to do exactly.

Did you do the whole Boot Camp Assistant / rEFit thing yet?

Please change your title to Dual Boot Hackintosh / Fedora