Fedora MATE remote desktop server

Any recommendations on what to use for a remote desktop server on Fedora 30 MATE?

In Gnome Shell, there is Settings -> Sharing -> Screen Sharing OFF/ON. Though I don’t know what service or software it uses in the background. I don’t find any similar setting in MATE. I tried installing gnome-remote-desktop but I don’t know what it does or how to use it.

For the client, I like remmina. But I haven’t dealt with the server side much at all. If there are other interesting methods, please do mention. I came across Apache Guacamole, but It seems complicated.

are you looking for RDP specifically?



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I’m not stuck on any particular protocol. Don’t the default remote desktop programs on linux usually use VNC?

Looks neat! I need to read about this.

There are so many to choose from that it’s rather confusing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_remote_desktop_software

X2Go is really interesting!

The published applications mode is fantastic (kind of like VirtualBox seamless mode, but better), except that it doesn’t work for all applications, some (such as rstudio and cheese) just crash. Also, it affects the running user session. Eg. starting vlc remotely also shows the vlc icon on the local taskbar.

I can’t find how to disable/enable x2go. There is no service called x2goserver as the Arch documentation suggests. Only x2gocleansessions which is apparently for cleaning up remote sessions that didn’t terminate properly.

I’ll probably need to search for config files to learn more. There really not much info out there about this great software!

The resolution seems weird on the remote side. Solved by unchecking forced dpi in session settings.

Using fullscreen instead of windowed mode on the remote side running Gnome Shell (server using MATE) behaves strangely, such as not letting me switch to a different workspace or window. “Display” mode works better, since it lets me change workspace.

Some keyboard keys (eg. /, ?, up arrow) don’t work as expected (results in “`”, “^”, or nothing, respectively). Capslock sets, but doesn’t get unset. The {, [, ], }, , |, ~ keys are also affected. At least 6 keyboard keys and their SHIFTed values are affected.