Fedora 32 on vmware ESXi 7 and Nvidia 2080 ti - device available,drivers installed,external monitor not detected,gpu can't be fully used


I have esxi 7 installed and I have passed through my Nvidia RTX 2080 ti to the guest. On the guest side, I have installed Fedora 32 with Gnome and Plasma with Wayland with the support for Nvidia,following these tutorials :



Below you can see a roundup of images showing how I have configured it and what works and what does not work (basically the external monitor attached to the rtx 2080 ti does not turn on because it is not detected ; after having applied all the setting explained,wayland is still disabled and blender can’t detect a suitable gpu for the rendering). thanks.

I think you need to make sure that nvidia_uvm kernel module is installed. I believe it is part of the CUDA developer kit so you could try installing that. Take a look at https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-installation-guide-linux/index.html